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upure64 (janvitus)

uPure64 (ubuntu pure x86_64) is a repository for the Ubuntu Linux AMD64 (64bit) distribution, it's update to last stable release, at this moment Feisy Fawn AMD64, the packages of the previous versions of Ubuntu will remain online until the Canonical expire their support. The repository exist to make more complete and compatible the 64bit like to i386, between the packages included in it there are NsPluginWrapper, Gnash, Beagle, Banshee, Rhythmbox, Pidgin, K3B, Kdenlive and many others. All the packages are complete of their sources and released under the original software license, GPL or whichever other Open Source.

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urbantale (consortium)

Site officiel du film d'animation 3D collaboratif sous Licence Art Libre réalisé par la Lacrymosa Industry.

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Urbaniste et Architecte rassemblés

urbarchie (baud)

Éventuellement au travers de TOGAF, il semble important de rapprocher urbaniste et architecte, dans une logique d'urbaniste et concrétisée par un architecte, histoire de clarifier la situation. Le tout sous une licence libre comme la CC-by-sa 4.0 (et potentiellement ArtLibre et GPL pour promouvoir le libre)

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urtmapping (ludovic) Wiki contenant de la documentation et des ressources libres (Creative Commons by-sa), pour la réalisation de cartes destinées au jeu Urban Terror.

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uruk (alimiracle)

web site to uruk project  uruk is community project to build free projects the web site will contain A description of the projects and news of the Projects and mailing list the LICENSE is gpl v3

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User42 Kevin's Software

user42 (kryde)

Kevin's several and various bits of GPL-free software, for Perl, Emacs, C, Pari/GP, and more.

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usf (doudoulolita)

Ultimate-Smash-Friends is a 2d arcade fight game, based on the gameplay of super smash bros, from nintendo. It is licensed under Gnu General Public License (GPL). A single goal: getting rid of his opponent. There are several characters and levels.

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usplit (achraf)

Logiciel libre qui permet de découper les fichiers en plusieurs morceaux.

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ubuntutn lab

utnlab (tarekdj)

lab for ubuntu tunisian loco website

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Use Troff !

utroff (sygne)

The Utroff project aims to help people to use the venerable troff text processor efficiently today.

Utroff provides: - macros to write pdf, html, fodt, man, plain text, and markdown files. - pre-processor, post-processor and other utilities to deal with reference, indexes, syntax highlighting and son on. - documentation and tutorials.

Newly created tools are distributed under a two clause bsd license. Modified tools are distributed under their original license (most often 4 clause bsd license and cddl-1.0).

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