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j0mdeb (j0m)

Ubuntu repository for meta-packages, FOSS experimental stuff and default settings to be used by friends & fans alike, especially geared towards ease of administration for many computer targets and upgrade enablement (plus security features, like autoremoval of unmaintained packages via tailored metas)

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jaalon (youshe)

Jaalon est, sous l'apparence d'une ville "Role Play", une plateforme de diffusion de documentations/sources sous licence GPL. Les sujets traités s'étendent de l'informatique à la littérature en passant par les sciences en général ou encore les jeux de rôles.

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Jabber discovery

jabberdisco (jey)

"Jabber discovery" est un plugin Firefox détectant les liens d'auto-découverte (autodiscovery links) Jabber/XMPP, affichant alors une petite icône, à la manière des liens d'auto-découverte RSS. Licence: GPL v3

"Jabber discovery" is a Firefox plugin of Jabber/XMPP links autodiscovery, similar to RSS autodiscovery.

License: GPL v3

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jability (fabrom)

Hébergement de mes projets/recherches personnels dans le domaine du libre : - Projets en cours (EAI en python) - Scripts/Tutoriels en Python - Scripts autour de Nagios - Tutoriels diverses

Pour info, je suis l'un des fondateurs de l'association Lolica ( et l'intiateur et mainteneur du projet Loliwin (

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jaccessible (clementd)

Bibliothèque graphique Java pour débutants. Projet dans le cadre de la Licence Pro. SIL de Dijon. Licence utilisé : CeCILL (v2)

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jaccord (cgueganno)

Projet Accord : fréquencemètre + logiciel d'aide à l'accord par comptage de battement sur les harmoniques.

Projet sous licence libre GPL (General Public Licence)

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jail (bolino)

Jail est un projet de client mail développé en Java. Ce client peut supporter les protocoles mail POP et IMAP. L'interface graphique est développée en SWT afin de bénéficier de la souplesse et la rapidité de cette technologie ainsi que de sa meilleure intégration au sein du système d'exploitation. Ce projet est sous licence libre GNU GPL.

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jamix (moncader)

Jamix will be a cross platform gtk-cairo based game. Similar to O2Jam, Guitar Hero, etc... you have 'notes' falling and you hit corresponding keys on the keyboard to match where they fall to hit notes. Jamix will be very fast paced and fun to play.

Unlike other games of similar features, Jamix will not be purely based on your ability to hit he keyboard as fast as you can or your ability to press fingers in odd combinations to form held notes. Jamix will be rendered completely using Cairo, a vector based rendering system. This means that everything in the game will be drawn, warped, animated, and coloured in real time, no images, everything is on the spot 'drawn'. This allows for very complex animations, an infinite amount of those animations, and an infinite amount of shapes for anything on the UI. Using this rendering system... the game will also require you to deal with a changing amount of columns that the notes fall down on, sometimes notes will not just fall down, but come on paths from all directions. Both columns and notes can change their widths on the spot, warping other columns around them to make everything fit in place again. The line called the 'PERFECT Line' will suddenly move up or down on you, maybe only giving you a second to hit a note as opposed to 3. Individual column note dropping speed will change, song speed will change, and more.

In the further future, Jamix will be able to generate songs from mp3, ogg, wav, midi, etc... files for you, without anyone having to create the songs. If you like the song it generated, save it for good and play it later again! After playing and generating many songs of different genres, Jamix will be able to create songs from complete scratch. You just say what genre, and watch Jamix compose a song for you, using sound clips from previous real songs you've played and generated with Jamix.

The Jamix Song File format will be text based, and anyone can edit it, even none-programmers.

Jamix will be fast, with a less than .5 second load time for any song. It will also be very nice on memory usage.

Jamix will also feature a scripting language for making custom animations in-game, and possibly custom shapes for anything via SVG image format.

Jamix is and always will be open source and free (free as in free speech, not free beer :) ), lisenced under the GPL v3, of which you can get here:

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jam linux user group

jamlug (aliresh1992)

jamlug is a linux user group that follow linux fundation and free software and under gpl license

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Just a Music Player

jamp (jjorge)

Jamp is just a music player. Quite simple, but not so simple.

The current fashion of media players is to manage your music library and/or adopt a client/server configuration. This is technically interesting, sure, but quite excessive for a simple wish like "I want to listen my music", nothing more.

Jamp exists to allow you to listen to your music in a simple way with features like: - playing ogg and mp3 file, - remembering the position in the playlist when closing, - displaying the current song in a notification, with the cover of the album, - generating random playlists with a minimum distance between two songs of a same author, - one program, no client/server stuff, - small and sober window, reducing in the notification tray, - no database, no "music library" stuff.

The source code is licensed under the GPL v2 and the graphic resources are licensed under the CC-by-sa v3.

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