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Jotasapiens Hash-Based Signatures

jotasigs (jota)

A Python implementation of hash-based, post-quantum digital signatures algorithms. The project is distributed under a 3-Clause BSD license.

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journal (leirda)

Script bash que j’utilise afin de faciliter l’écriture de mon journal.

Tous les scripts sont publiés sous la licence GPLv3, et les éventuels pages de manuel et autres documentations sous GFDL.

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journalism (benonesimo)

how the free software community influences policy and limits of free speech.

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Joxer epository

joxrepo (joxer)

I want to create my repository to copy on it my package an to distribute to the other people in the world. The package in my project are developed by me and by my community and I want release it under the GPL license, so I want to open a repository to distribute my work everywhere on the web for the people. My work is to create python software by me and my community an to find new person who want to join us

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JavaScript Office

jsoffice (brylie)

JS Office will consist of a JavaScript/HTML5 office and communications suite. Components will be integrated into one canvas-like interface. Components will include a WYSIWYG text editor, table based calculator, SVG layered drawings, LaTeX based mathematical formula editor.

All documents will have a version history, annotations, and a communications center for real-time collaboration.

This project will be AGPL licensed.

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jspl (jsl)

JSL is a new, simple programming language built with ANTLR and compiled with ant. it's built upon java and is designed to run in a command prompt and takes little setting up. It has basic function and more advanced functions. It uses the file name .jsl .

It is designed for people starting off with a programming language and can be also challenging if the user wants to use the more advanced commands. It was designed to run in a windows environment and has only been tested in this environment. It requires only java to run the language. It also has a ast tree walker to help understand its structure.It is licensed under the Apache Version two license:

I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoy coding it.

-By Ben Lowery-

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jtag (tribs)

jt@g est une plateforme de meta-developpement graphique. Cette solution est sous license GPL.

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Julien sur le web

julienslw (postpro)

Un blog de plus sur le libre, la liberté en informatique et le cinéma.

Tous les articles seront sous CC-By.

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Junkyard of digital comments by Rogério Brito

junkyard (rbrito)

A blog with educational/technical content related to Debian, Linux (the kernel), Computer Science, (discrete) Mathematics and some occasional personal comments.

All the content of the blog is under a CC-BY-SA 3.0 or GPL-2+ license (at your option).

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Java Webapplet Game Engine

jwge (pierre2911)

Environnement de développement et moteur d'applets java. Création facile et rapide de jeux en 3d ou en 2d via navigateur, grâce à des outils de développement simples et intuitifs ne requiérant aucune connaissance de programmation java.Ce projet mènerait à un environnement complet de développement pour aboutir à des applets uniques et personnalisés. Ce projet est sous licence CC-BY-SA.

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