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b2iressource (laurent)

Mettre à disposition des ressources afin de valider le B2i (brevet informatique et internet) Livres multimédias réalisés avec didapages. licence : Creative commons BY-NC-SA

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babeltecaweb (babelteca)

This group is for Babelteca software developers. Babelteca is a dynamic website developed in PHP. It creates a distributed library of people's books, videos, and music. It's also intended to forge new relationships based on people's liking and interests.

Current sites that runs this software are:

It was even slashdoted! ?sid=03/08/24/1257213

This project is a fork of the Distributed Library Project originally developed by Mike Benham. It can still be found at Hope we might honor his great work :-)

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bablopen (azzaddine)

Documents et réflexions en arabe sur le libre

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badger (pini)

Badger generates fully customizable SVG badges under WTFPL for all kind of usages

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baller (huth)

Ballerburg is a castle combat game for GNU/Linux and other systems that are supported by the SDL library. Your mission is to hit the king in the castle of your opponent with one of your cannons. The game is licensed under the the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3. The code is based on original Ballerburg game by Eckhard Kruse.

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Banivakil's Blog

banivakil (rezabani75)

My blog with Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 license. I share my knowledge and open source projects here!

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baobab (girin)

Animation project, under a CC-by-sa and Art Libre license. The finale movie will be available, as well as the raw data and the work files (probably most Gimp, blender, etc. files).

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barbech (yousri)

La première plateforme consacré à l'Open Source en Tunisie : exposer des codes sources, des tutoriaux, et des documentations plus le téléchargement. licence libre : GPL

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barbecue (jey)

XMPP server (Jabber) written in Ada 2005.

Currently it is rather an experimentation of XMPP implementation (server side, with a modular design to add features as time goes by) in the Ada language. I cannot say for now that this implementation will be revolutionary against all current existing XMPP servers, though I will obviously try to make it worth it.

Licence: GPLv3

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barbuxaudio (barbux)

Diffusion de diverses ressources libres (licence GPL et Artlibre) autour de la création musicale sur linux.

Pour le moment :

- dust-synth : développement d'une synthétiseur granulaire pour le serveur de son jackd sur linux.

À venir prochainnement :

- plusieurs patchs Pure Data dont deux synthétiseurs midi.

À venir dans un avenir (un peu) plus lointain :

- quelques produtions musicales de l'auteur sous licence Art Libre ;

- des ressources diverses autour du thème de la musique sur linux.

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