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q3lp (magnetik)

Ce projet sous licence GPL est composé de deux parties : <br /> * Le parseur, écrit en python, qui comme son nom l'indique parse le un fichier de log quake 3 (ou mod quake 3) pour en extraire les données . La sortie est configurable vers une base MySQL par exemple. <br /> * La partie web, écrite en php permet de consulter et organiser les données. Divers classements sont possibles et des statistiques détaillés pour chaque utilisateur sont disponibles.

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Q3A minimal distribution

q3min (q3admin)

The aim of the Q3MIN project is the creation of a freely distributable minimalistic game package compatible with Quake III Arena originally created by id Software. The package should be as small as possible and be able to provide all the functionality (game code and artwork) needed to load and play freely distributable levels (maps) that were created as add-ons for Quake III Arena. Game code shall be based on the ioquake3 engine (distributed under the GPL). Artwork shall be either created by our developers or adapted from existing freely distributable (GPL) games. We also plan to introduce modifications and new features to the game engine to enhance playing experience.

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Qt Computer Algebra System

qcas (loicloic)

QCAS est un projet écrit en Qt et placé sous licence GPL.

Son objectif est de créer un logiciel de calcul formel et symbolique reposant sur la librairie GIAC.

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qcodeedit (fmc)

QCodeEdit is a source code editing framework written in C++/Qt4. It provide basic widgets and advanced syntax-related features that make it extremely easy to setup a proper source code editor for any language and embed it in a larger GUI application.

It is dual licensed : GPL for free and BSD (or similar permissive licenses) for a reasonable fee.

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qucs components library

qcomponents (roucarb)

Components library used by qucs the quite universal circuit simulator.

The components library is the part of the qucs system used for: - displaying components in the gui - converting schematic files from qucs gui format to qucs core (simulator format) - converting schematic files from qucs gui format to kicad.

Licence is: * for art part and components description: dual licence GPL v2 or latter/CC-by-sa 3.0 both with verbatim copy exception (in order to include art files in our own repport like the font exception of GPLv2). * for software: GPLv2 (or latter) or LGPLv2 (or latter)

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qlight (jetelain)

Qt powered program (macosx + linux, and soon windows) to control DMX based lightening devices through the velleman k8062 usb interface.

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qnetsoul (leflou)

Client netsoul (protocole utilisé au sein du campus IONIS) multiplateforme (Qt). Le programme est sous licence GPLv3.

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qomodules (ytorres)

qWikiOffice is a web desktop build on ExtJs framework. Here is the primary web site : This profect aim to host all modules build on this desktop, like Desk-Kregator, Desk-Weather, etc..

All modules are released on GPL v2 or later.

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qownnotes (pbek)

QOwnNotes is the open source notepad with markdown support and todo list manager for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X and Windows, that works together with the default notes application of ownCloud and Nextcloud.

License: GPL v2 Git-repository:

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qrcode (morphx)

Voici le lien sur le site ou j'ai mis la déscription afin de palier a la limite de 300 caractère. voila merci.

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