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qshutdown (joel)

Una herramienta libre, de código abierto, bajo licencia GPL3 y escrita en QT que tiene como objeto apagar o reiniciar el sistema a través de una interfaz gráfica amigable. Actúa como "frontend" para systemctl poweroff/reboot en entornos como openbox, fluxbox, etc.

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qsnippets (amizya)

QSnippets is a simple application written in Qt4/C++ and Licenced under GPL v3 licence, the main idea for qsnippets is storing the valuable chunk of code that every developer needs to.

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qubilus (oguerin)

A sokoban like game in Qt available on PC (Windows/Linux) and Qtopia (Trolltech Greenphone) platforms. Licensed under GPL.

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Qucs qt4 development branch

qucsqt4dev (roucarb)

This is the qucs (quite universal circuit simulator) development branch. Based on qt4 and use qcomponents project.

Under gpl v2 or latter licence

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quebtux (quebnux)

Un liveCd linux baser sur slax et alixe et destiner au utilisateur quebecois/canada francais et orienter pour surfer sur internet!

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quickticket (qtcute)

Collaborative trouble ticket web application. Licence: GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (v3)

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Quizz PHP Tools

quizzphp (dbremard)

Mise à disposition d'outils PHP sous licence GPL pour créer des quizz.

Ces outils sont utilisables pour être intégrés à tout site à vocation éducative ou formative.

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qwad (nano)

Qwad is a tool to manage .wad files on Linux.

wad files are used by Nintendo to provide IOS / System-Menu for Nintendo Wii. This tool does not make use of any licensed code nor does it allow for piracy.

It has the ability to download the update files from NUS (Nintendo Update Server) and build a wad from those. This allows offline installation of updates (or downgrades) using a wad-manager on wii, or getting the wad required for patching new functions into an IOS.

Furthermore an existing wad can be unpacked, modified and repacked or it's TMD viewed.

Qwad is licensed under GNU GPL 3.

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