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freqlex (cyrilleg)

Un outil d'analyse des difficultés lexicales d'un énoncé. La licence proposée sera GNU-GPL comme pour la version "application" du projet qui est disponible sur

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trplkt (crussell) is on a mission to eliminate implicit step 0 from software development by changing user and developer expectations about how software distribution should work—for both end users and maintainers/contributors working upstream.

Right now, our main focus is on trplkt, the MIT-licensed reference compiler for the triple script dialect. It contains the reference implementation of the triplicate algorithm and is a general purpose tool for creating triple scripts.

The "triplicate algorithm" is at the core of the packaging convention that ensures that triple scripts can be roundtripped cleanly. (Every valid triple script can be decompiled back into its original source modules, and then back again, with perfect fidelity.) is an advocacy group for the advancement triple script ecosystem and is the project steward for the trplkt reference compiler.

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Musicisti GNU+Linux

musicalinux (fpesari)

This project aims to provide Italian GNU+Linux users with quality CC BY licensed articles that can help them make music using FLOSS software.

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blindlibrar (alimiracle)

website for online library for students who are blind. It contains links for audio books. the web site license gpl v3+ the audio books license

CC BY-SA 4.0

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harmonist - stealth roguelike game

harmonist (anaseto)

This project hosts the sources of the Harmonist stealth roguelike game, a web page, screenshots, and videos. Code is under ISC license, the rest under CC-BY.

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themestrap (aniruddh)

Beautiful and responsive themes and templates. choose and use according to your need and business niche. Themes and templates comes under a free license GPLv3.

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rdckgame documentación CC0

Master Polska

mahdieightbl for sharing experiences(personal blog)

mahdieightbl (mahdieight)


I'm want to launch a personal blog.for sharing the Favorites article (linux , programming , ...)

Under Licensing CC-BY-SA

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Eltanin OS

eltaninos (eadwardus)

Eltanin is a project aiming to produce a free, simple and complete general purpose operating system (under public domain UNLICENSE). The project has, under development, the utilities described by POSIX, a package manager, a portable ports, and a replacement for the standard libc. While the project is expected to have its own kernel, it is under planning phase, so it have subprojects to use the userland upon existing kernels

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