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kfarchive (almeo)

A collection of music recordings in public domain, they are accompanied by detailed informations about the recording context and the piece recorded.

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Bromite F-Droid repository

bromite (csagan5)

Bromite is Chromium plus ad blocking and privacy enhancements; take back your browser!

Bromite aims at providing a no-clutter browsing experience without privacy-invasive features and with the addition of a fast ad-blocking engine.

Minimal UI changes are applied to help curbing the idea of “browser as an advertisement platform”.

Bromite patches are licensed under GNU GPL v3; other patches included are under BSD license, including the codebase (Chromium) which is a mix of BSD (most of it), MIT and LGPL licenses.

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mezamashi (guezengar)

Site web minimaliste sur une alimentation alternative, des solutions cosméto-pragmatiques et des préoccupations éco-urbaines. Contenu écrit et photographique diffusé en Licence Art Libre.

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What is PeerTube?

whatpeertube (assolila)

"What is PeerTube?" is an animated video explaining PeerTube, released under Creative Commons by-sa, by LILA for Framasoft.

This project contains the source files of the finished video for anyone to play with, edit, study, modify, etc.

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hamidrezakp : A Gnu/Linux user handwritings

hamidrezakp (hamid)

Hi. This is a blog that i write my experience in Linux or write tutorials about programing , introducing softwares, or anything i learn. And my blog license is CC BY-SA. I need about 200Mb space with PHP and MySQL support. Thank you for devoting your time to reading my request.

p.s : My blog license is CC BY-SA. You can see my blog at

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rc's box

rcnet (rcm)

a svn repo for managing some EFL programs with LGPL and a few sonic hacks (Lgpl too.)

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Jeunes diplômés actifs 2018

jdpactif18 (jdpactif)

Nous sommes une association de jeunes diplômés en Réseaux et Système d’informations à l’université de Nantes . Nous voudrons nous faire héberger sur votre plate-forme afin d’y publier Des tutos susceptibles d’aider nos jeunes camarades pas encore diplômés . Tous les articles sont placés sous GFDL, et les logiciels, scripts et autres utilitaires sous licence GPLv3, ou licence compatible.

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Aurora Free Open Source Software

aurorafoss (lsferreira)

Aurora Free Software Collection. We create open source software, mainly under LGPL and GPL licenses that integrates with the Aurora Framework, our main project. More info on: or

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nlpcube (tiberiu44)

Natural Language Processing Framwork, compatible with Universal Dependencies. The license is Apache V2. Codebase in Python

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Chilling Spree

cspree (ani)

Quakeworld server multiplayer modification.

License is GPLv2. This is a project.

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