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drmomeni e-learnling

drmomeni (milad1372)

in this site we want to make a FREE and OPEN ACCESS electronics teaching like movies from teaching class and other things here. P.S: All things in this website would be under the GPL3. Dr mansour momeni is full prof in Department of Industrial Management Tehran University. Tnx

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Expression 2 FishOS

e2fishos (gladdos)

FishOS is mac os x look inspired os made in E2 in gmod. Open source project where anybody can contribute to it.

Everything works on GPL-3.0 More details here:

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ToolZBox, ressources éducatives

toolzbox (sungja)

Boite à outils pédagogique. - Jeux éducatifs numériques à destination des enfants sourds signants (s'exprimant en Langue des Signes). - Ressources et informations Licence BY SA

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Graphical Emulators Manager

gem (pacmiam)

Graphical Emulators Manager est une interface graphique pour gérer ses roms de jeux de manière conviviale et simple.

Elle est développée en Python 3.4 et GTK+3.

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RogueBox Adventures

rba (tmg)

RogueBox Adventures is a free (think of freedom) multi-platform game, licensed under the terms of GPL3(or later).

The main goal of the game is to combine classic rogulike elements with the freedom of a sandbox game, to make a original gaming experience that is very easy to access but full of possibilities.

With its pixel art graphics and MIDI-like music RogueBox Adventures tries to create a appealing retro gaming atmosphere.

The game is in active development since autumn 2013 which means it is already in a fully playable and feature rich state, but still far away from being completely done.

A git-repository with the actual version of RBA is available at:

A mirror exists on:

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qshutdown (joel)

Una herramienta libre, de código abierto, bajo licencia GPL3 y escrita en QT que tiene como objeto apagar o reiniciar el sistema a través de una interfaz gráfica amigable. Actúa como "frontend" para systemctl poweroff/reboot en entornos como openbox, fluxbox, etc.

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oxnas linux upstreaming

oxnas (narmstrong)

Oxford Semiconductor OXNAS SoC Linux upstreaming initiative.

All code will be pure GPLv2 only, this project will provide a mailing list, wiki and pre-built boards files.

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algoscript (jbourdon)

AlgoScript est un outil html de développement destiné à l'apprentissage de l'algorithmique. Deux trois langages supports sont disponibles : javascript, python ou un langage graphique. Le logiciel est sous licence GNU GPL.

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Math et Informatique au lycee international de Londres

mathypython (tehessin)

cours, activites, projets autour de l'enseignement des maths et de l'informatique au lycee international de Londres sous licence libre CC-BY-SA

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Crystal Hammer's Website

crystal (cryham)

A personal website of Crystal Hammer. An open source developer. Showing mainly his projects. Licensed CC-BY-SA 3.0.

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