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Mastooreh Foundation

mastooreh (pooyabe)

Considering the recent events in Iran and the rise of woman, life, freedom, and countless events, we decided to establish the Mastooreh Foundation. The effort of this Free collective project is to record and publish events without taking a position and relying only on the facts without interpreting them, using all news sources to document the true history based on the free world. The purpose of choosing this name, is because of the first female Kurdish historian, Mastooreh Ardalan.

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midbar (northstrix)

Midbar is an open-source vault distributed under the MIT license.

The purpose of Midbar is to significantly increase the cost of unauthorized access to its user's personal data.

As for now, there are two versions of Midbar:

ESP8266 version of Midbar utilizes the 3DES + AES + Blowfish + Serpent encryption algorithm alongside the ESP8266's built-in memory to store eight passwords and four credit cards in the encrypted form. It also utilizes the HMAC SHA-256 to verify the integrity of the stored logins, which means that if at least one bit of an encrypted login gets flipped, Midbar will inform you about it by displaying the following alert: "Integrity Verification Failed!!!"

ESP32 version of Midbar is a password, credit card, note, and phone number vault that utilizes a strong encryption algorithm (AES-256 + Serpent + AES-256) combined with a sophisticated embedded database (SQLite3) to keep your personal data safe.

You can find the tutorial here:

ESP8266 Version:

ESP32 Version:

You can download the source code of Midbar here:




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Forum de support du CMS 299Ko

forum299ko (maxk)

Cet espace est réservé à l'entraide et au support du CMS libre 299Ko, via un forum flat-file (FlatBoard) qui ne nécessite pas d'inscription.

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moulin Telegestion pour energie verte hydro

moulinvert (tgdesmoulins)

Presentation d'une solution opensource pour gestion automatique de production electrique autonome sur un cours d'eau au fil de l'eau

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UNO Card Games

uno (rezabaniv)

Hi, this is going to be free and opensource version of popular card game UNO written in python. It's going to be an online game. Licensed under GPL v3

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inficket (azraeljd)

Inficket is a video sharing software based on AVideo.

License: AzFOSS

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parneveshte (mskf1383)

Hello I want to run a Plume (A federated blogging app licensed under AGPL v3. instance. My articles (Mostly stories and etucational posts) will publish under CC BY-SA license. My articles will be Persian, not English! (Why I don't use a static page? Because it is not Fediverse) Plume is written in Rust and there are prebuit binaries of it available. So it does not require Rust installed. It use Sqlite or Postgres as database. You can see its documents here: Thanks!

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Blog de Max Koder

blogkoder (maxk)

Blog technique sur les logiciels libres (distributions Linux, technologies de développement telles que PHP, IDE, ...), vulgarisation au possible, le tout propulsé par le CMS libre 299Ko. Le contenu présent est sous licence GPL v3.

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packpkg (azraeljd)

A distro-agnostic package manager, providing the latest, bleeding edge software for Unix-like systems, mainly Linux- and BSD-based.

License: AzFOSS <>

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slackware repository by slackbuilds

sboddy (ddyheberg)

This project is a "SlackBuilds repository" for anyone who use the slackware distrib ( or slackware like ) with the current version.

Each of the packages available for the community is build with the project tools :

Exemple of well known repositories :{15.0,current}/{x86,x86_64}/

These packages are available with the "slackpkgplus" tool that help the user to keep updated its installation from officials and third-party repositories :

To use it, you have to add these lines in the slackpkg+ configuration files : /etc/slackpkg/slackpkgplus.conf

SLACKPKGPLUS=on ... PKGS_PRIORITY=( SBoddy ... REPOPLUS=( slackpkgplus SBoddy ... ... MIRRORPLUS['SBoddy']={x86,x86_64}/

Example of packages available : webmin flatpak openfortivpn teams (extracted from debian official package)


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