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PiTV Website

pitvwebsite (grbavacigla)

Website for my opensource project PiTV. Features user authentication and session control. It is secure, you can change your password and revoke sessions. Written in Django (only bootstrap javascript). More features to come. Licensed under GPLv3.

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Free Form of World

ffworld (pooyabe)

Are we free? or just we live in a bigger cage? Who knows that we may be entertained by a series of artificial concepts of freedom so that we do not see the enslavement of others? You can change the concept of freedom in a society and feed people by that, so they fight for your goals, when they think they are free. This project is nothing but to peer the concept in all human life dimensions (life - thinking - humanity - technology - Software - industry - work - philosophy, etc.). This project may talk about how to bake an omelet to how to program an Operating System; But in any case it will make you discuss with yourself on what is freedom, what is freedom and what is freedom.

This project will be under "CC BY-SA 4.0" License.

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mehregan times; notes for free people

mehreganxyz (mehregan)

A Blog for writing articles about free software, libre documents and notes about privacy and gender and race equality in Persian using GFDL license for documents and GPLv3 for codes.

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slangtng version 3

slangtng3 (bucher567)

Another attempt at cleaning slangTNG. License: BSD-style. Use for any purpose you like, but mention where it came from.

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mozfork1 (videotoaster)

A FOSS fork of SeaMonkey (a continuation of Mozilla, which is itself a continuation of Netscape) which is designed to be easy to transition into from something like Firefox or Chrome. The fork is under the GPLv3 license.

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apprenti (cottaz)

Construction d'un site permettant d'offrir des formations et de l'information. Construit de maniere générique, les premiers contenus porteront sur la prise en charge des personnes agées, la gestion de la maladie de alzheimer. Destiné a tout public (adultes, professionnels, chomeurs, retraités).

sous licence GPL

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havir mind

havirmind (havir)

This project is intend to produce free content in the following area:

- Free software (e.g. why we should use free software) - Security (e.g. what is tor and how to install it and use it) - Mobile development - Books (e.g. introducing the book that I've read)

* License of all the content in this project will be: Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)

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mahdieight blog

mahdieightb (mahdieight)

personal blog

Expect personal experiences in using free software.

Provide training related to technology and free software


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Bitácora de un Ñu

bitacoragnu (ricardog08)

Es un blog informativo sobre programación backend, shell scripting, herramientas para ofrecer servicios, servidores, privacidad, software libre y GNU/Linux. El contenido del blog se distribuirá bajo la licencia Creative Commons Atribución Compartir Igual 4.0 Internacional y el código fuente del sitio web (html,css,javascript y php) se distribuirá bajo la licencia Apache 2.0

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pve (awesomekalin)

Welcome to PvE+, the best PvE game on Byond! You have to attack other players and the enemies, which are: 1. Red Guy, the least powerful of them all 2. Green Guy 3. Blue Guy 4. Clone, looks like a player and is the most powerful enemy To move, use the arrow keys and to fight, press 'f'. You are always welcome to fork the repo at We use the GNU-3.0 license

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