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Lose the Banana

losebanana (yofwoff551)

Lose the Banana is a open-source game, licensed with GPLv3, that the main character, Keith, loses his banana and your job is to find Keith's banana, by completing puzzles, getting harder as the game goes.

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historia (jeromeb)

Historia (anciennement Free-Evolution) est un projet de jeu de stratégie sur et de simulation historique axé sur le réalisme.

Historia sera disponible sous la GNU General Public License V2.

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299Ko CMS

299ko (maxk)

299Ko est un CMS open source (sous GPL v3) écrit en PHP ne nécessitant pas de base de données. Il permet de mettre en place très rapidement un blog, une galerie, un formulaire de contact, des pages statiques, ... Ce projet suit les traces de 99Ko (https://99ko.tuxfamily.org/), dont le mainteneur n'a malheureusement plus le temps de développer. Modifié au départ pour un usage uniquement personnel, 299Ko est destiné à présent à être utilisé pour le plus grand nombre, avec plus de fonctionnalités, sans pour autant tomber dans l'usine à gaz et en respectant l'état d'esprit du CMS 99Ko, rester simple.

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kerarmor bzh Fablabs

kerarmorbzh (baud123)

kerarmor bzh des fablabs en Bretagne pour promouvoir le DIY, le numérique, Linux, l'autonomie de tout un chacun

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Planet Launcher

planetmcpi (leha2)

A launcher for Minecraft: Pi Edition: Reborn with many useful features like an NBT editor, a texture pack tool and a skin changer. Licensed under the AGPL license.

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worderize lite

wordrizelite (northstrix)

Worderize lite is a free and open-source software distributed under the MIT License, that is designed to make the language learning process more effective.

Worderize lite is a version of the Worderize that doesn't require an external database, and can run on any OS that can execute .jar or .exe files

New features in V2.0:

German and French localization;

You can now add definition to words;

"Edit" button for words (and definitions);

DES + AES encryption.

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worderize (northstrix)

Worderize is a free and open-source software distributed under the MIT License, that is designed to make the language learning more effective.

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wesnoth (pentarctagon)

The Battle for Wesnoth is an open source, turn-based strategy game with a high fantasy theme. It features both singleplayer and online/hotseat multiplayer combat.

Explore the world of Wesnoth and take part in its many adventures! Embark on a desperate quest to reclaim your rightful throne... Flee the Lich Lords to a new home across the sea... Delve into the darkest depths of the earth to craft a jewel of fire itself... Defend your kingdom against the ravaging hordes of a foul necromancer... Or lead a straggly band of survivors across the blazing sands to confront an unseen evil.

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twinkle (northstrix)

Twinkle is an open source text editor, distributed under the MIT License, that saves the documents in an encrypted form.

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Linux Community

lnxcomnty (projjalm)

Respected moderators,

I'm Projjal Moitra, and what I'm trying to build is a world-wide community of Linux users and any tech enthusiasts. My idea is to gear today's Linux commnunity, which is so broken apart by opinions, ideologies, and differences in their personal taste, in a direction which everyone favors and make it the voice of free software supporters, ethical minds, and every member that is directly/indirectly related to it. I know this is a big word, but the thing is, the only strength that linux and FOSS lovers have, is their community. So why not try to unify it? Maybe unifying it, will be a bad idea in itself because it's always better to keep everything decentralized. But what I'm trying to do is optimize the differences, make it a friendly place for everyone, and thus, making it the face of linux and free software culture. Obviously, like every community, this one will also have a set of guidelines, but everyone will be always welcome to this family of online chatrooms, regardless of their differences in all attributes. The main objective of this project is to make the linux userspace friendly and rich once again. Currently, the community is hosted on matrix, and discord (I know it is a non-free service, I'll soon move it to a free platform with the help of tuxfamily). I will conclude it by specifiy my requests and license - > A web-hosting server for the website of Linux Community, with server-side python. And all of the content on the website can be licensed under CC-BY-SA and the code under a 2BSD license. I can guarantee that all of the content and code will be free, as in free speech, and if you insist, you can make minor modifications to this idea of mine, as this project is still in alpha and supposed to be a long-term one. And again, thanks for considering my request once again. And again, I am a novice in the technical aspects of things, so feel free to ask me any queries related to it. Thanks for considering my request once again :)

Yours sincerely, Projjal M.

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