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welkin (pini)

Components for networked, text-based applications, distributed under 0BSD license

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obsidianos (nifou)

ObsidianOS is a multitasking, POSIX compliant and written in Rust Operating System (OS) under GPL license. It means that this operating system is entirely compatible with GNU/Linux operating systems and that this OS is under the same license than GNU/Linux. However, this operating system is not written in C but in Rust which is more safer, faster, memory-efficient and which has a great documentation.

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openrpi website

openpi (openrpi)

RPiDroid creates optimized prebuilts of android on the raspberry pi. This will hopefully become our website. Please ignore "openrpidroid", the creation was an accident. We'd also like to host our git repositorys here. Our code currently lives at https://gitlab.com/openrpi/rpidroid. Our code is a optimized fork of android-rpi on github. We provide the following additions to android: Prebuilts for rpi, Optimisations for rpi (kernel&device configuration, preinstalled apps). We also try to help with other projects on rpi, like crankshaft (android auto on rpi, where we created a rpi4 port). Our code is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License. Our fork of the linux kernel is licensed under the GNU GPL v2.

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eventzimmer - event aggregation service

eventzimmer (fohlen)

eventzimmer is a free/libre event aggregation service allowing for event aggregation of Facebook events. All of our source code is available under MIT license at https://github.com/eventzimmer and we participated in GitHub's global hackathon with more than 10 participants. Our service is transparent and offers a free/libre API to make the data available for anyone.

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ktstudio (ktfamily)

Help me create a place for me to store and manage game programming resources on Godot Engine. Base on MIT license (s) Game programming course on Godot Engine in Vietnam: https://youtube.com/c/ktstudio2098. Thank you! I I hope you approve me to create this project.

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journal (leirda)

Un ensemble de scripts bash que j’utilise afin de faciliter l’écriture de mon journal.

Tous les scripts sont publiés sous la licence GPLv3, et les éventuels pages de manuel et autres documentations sous GFDL.

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SGSearch - Simple file search GTK utility

sgsearch (frankendres)

SGSearch is a frontend to the "find" and "grep" commands allowing respectively to search for file names or file content. It is meant to be a companion to file managers like Thunar (XFCE).

This software is governed by the CeCILL license (CEA CNRS INRIA Logiciel Libre) under French law, compatible with the GPL (General Public License).

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SeedPuller site

seedsite (seedpuller)

a weblog about free software and network & reverse engineering. The license is GPLv3

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autobiogramm (patosan)

'autobiogramm, blog d'un neuroA+' aborde et développe des sujets tels que :

- la vie minimaliste - l'autisme de haut niveau - l'algorave - le Japon - le logiciel libre - le web low tech

C'est aussi un bloc-note, un work in progress et un pense-bête.

Tout son contenu est publié sous Licence Art Libre.

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Sortir du cadre

sdc (lentcine)

Site internet de Sortir du cadre, un film et une série documentaire sous licence art libre et CC BY-SA sur les artistes et les œuvres sous licences libres et ouvertes dans l’art.

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