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rc's box

rcnet (rcm)

a svn repo for managing some EFL programs with LGPL and a few sonic hacks (Lgpl too.)

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Jeunes diplômés actifs 2018

jdpactif18 (jdpactif)

Nous sommes une association de jeunes diplômés en Réseaux et Système d’informations à l’université de Nantes . Nous voudrons nous faire héberger sur votre plate-forme afin d’y publier Des tutos susceptibles d’aider nos jeunes camarades pas encore diplômés . Tous les articles sont placés sous GFDL, et les logiciels, scripts et autres utilitaires sous licence GPLv3, ou licence compatible.

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Aurora Free Open Source Software

aurorafoss (lsferreira)

Aurora Free Software Collection. We create open source software, mainly under LGPL and GPL licenses that integrates with the Aurora Framework, our main project. More info on: or

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nlpcube (tiberiu44)

Natural Language Processing Framwork, compatible with Universal Dependencies. The license is Apache V2. Codebase in Python

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Chilling Spree

cspree (ani)

Quakeworld server multiplayer modification.

License is GPLv2. This is a project.

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Nox, an ML-inspired programming language with affine types

nox (antoyo)

Nox is a programming language inspired by OCaml, Standard ML, Haskell and Rust, licensed under the GPLv3 license. Its compiler has a borrow checker in order to avoid having a garbage collector in the runtime. It aims to be a safe and fast functional programming language.

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boohu - roguelike game

boohu (anaseto)

This project hosts the source of the Boohu roguelike game, a web page, screenshots, and asciicasts. Code is under ISC license, the rest under CC-BY.

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pyarm (gremy)

Pyarm is a physics simulator which provides an anthropomorphic arm model for experiments on human like motor control.

The arm model is described in the following technical report (written in French): .

The PyArm library is provided under the terms and conditions of the MIT License.

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The Libre Cast

thelibrecast (molaei)

LibreCast is a podcast about Free/Libre projects and it will be published under Creative Commons 4.0 BY-SA Licence.

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armaro (er24)

Armaro is an open-source project under CC BY-SA 4.0 license. It is a website, and I am going to share my experience about GNU/Linux, Machine Learning and Computer Science in general. Furthermore, I am going to collaborate with one of my friends and produce podcast episodes about GNU/Linux. This website will be the right place to share all these. I should note that I am an Iranian and everything I publish in this project will be in Persian, French or English language, but mostly in Persian. Although Persian is my mother tongue, English and French are the second and the third language I speak respectively.

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