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HyprLand Commander

hyprcmd (frankendres)

HyprCmd is a panel / shell mainly written for the Hyprland tiling window manager, but next versions could support Sway as well as stacking window managers.

It was developped as a replacement for multiple software pieces : Waybar panel, mako notification daemon, Swaylock / HyprLock, WLogout, Wofi application launcher ...

It is written in C / GTK4.

This software is governed by the CeCILL under French law, compatible with the GPL.

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ESL Management System

eslmansys (northstrix)

This open-source ESL management system, distributed under the MIT license, incorporates the electronic shelf labels and the ESL management software.

An electronic shelf label is a device that displays relevant product information, they're usually attached to the front edge of retail shelving. A typical ESL consists of a display and a simple microcontroller that controls the display.

The ESL management software enables you to manage your electronic shelf labels. It accomplishes this by maintaining a database that stores the credentials of each ESL along with the last image that was sent to it. When you choose the image to be displayed on the ESL and hit the "Send Image To ESL" button, the software encrypts that image, sends it to the specified ESL over Wi-Fi using the UDP protocol, and then saves it to the database.

You can learn more at

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Serpent Twofish AES File Encrypter

stafilencrpt (northstrix)

Serpent Twofish AES File Encrypter is a free and open-source software distributed under the MIT license that enables you to encrypt your files using the combination of Serpent, Twofish, and AES encryption algorithms, or each of them separately.

You can download this software at

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scienceforum (dimkatif2112)

This is a forum-like website with a small server running in golang. It's purpose is to be a small place where people that study chemistry can share their knowledge without their data being stolen. No account registration is required, although it is provided. It requires minimal storage and it will just serve a couple of people. Licensed under GPL3. All content in this website has been licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. The license is visible in the footer of any webpage. You can study the source code here:

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leashmore (northstrix)

Leashmore is an open-source "Operations Management Software" distributed under the MIT License. It employs military-grade encryption alongside sophisticated integrity verification to ensure data security. You can freely modify and distribute copies and any modifications of the Leashmore. You can use Leashmore in commercial applications.

You can download Leashmore at

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GSettings Project

gsettings (frankendres)

The GSettings project aims to complements XFCE's settings with :

- clock (date and time) setup, - user password change and accounts management.

Those lightweight tools are written in Python, with a GTK GUI. They are designed to be Linux distribution agnostic and require no additional dependencies.

Tested with Arch Linux, Slackware and Xubuntu.

These softwares are governed by the CeCILL license, under French law, compatible with the GPL.

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Metallic Proxy

metalhead (inigo)

Metalhead by Inigo Montoya is a slightly modified version of the original Metallic proxy by Nebelung, Divide, Ender, EndlessVortex, BinBashBanana, and the rest of the Cog Network community. Metallic in a nutshell is a web proxy, capable of accessing the web through four different proxies (namely Ultraviolet, Stomp, DIP, and Aero), that also comes with a variety of built-in browser games. Its appearance is customizable as well.

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verocity (jdthe65th)

Verocity is a VR Physics Combat game made in Godot 4. It's designed to be simple to play, but with aspects that make it wonderful to master.

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pmbtaremen (malgouzou)

Installation of PMB for a little middle School located in a the Melanesian tribal island of Maré in New Calédonia.

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Unreal Code Kits

uecodekits (danelebash)

An open-source community driven website to host complete pieces of code to use in your Unreal Engine project. We have the Unreal Marketplace for professional paid products but nothing for open-source pieces of code. We often create the same pieces of code in our games, such as a water material or a door blueprint component. This site will give you the chance to share your code creations. If you watch a tutorial on how to do something and create that code, now you have a place to share it. This way we can focus more on designing our game/movie and less on code creation.

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