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eide (cmarie)

Emacs-IDE is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) interface for Emacs (code browsing, compilation, debug...).

The purpose is to provide a user-friendly interface, with dedicated windows (source, menu and output) and convenient shortcuts.

It is suitable for almost all languages (as long as they are supported by Ctags). Cscope provides additional browsing facility for C/C++ files.

License: GPLv3

Programming language: Emacs Lisp

Dependencies: Emacs, Ctags, Cscope.

Supported OS: GNU/Linux

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sawfish (nano)

The Sawfish windowmanager. A fast, flexible and extensible, lisp-based windowmanager.

Licensed under the GNU GPL v2

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Sawfish Pager

sawfishpager (nano)

The native pager of the Sawfish windowmanager.

Licensed under the GNU General Public License v2+

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User42 Kevin's Software

user42 (kryde)

Kevin's several and various bits of GPL-free software, for Perl, Emacs, C, Pari/GP, and more.

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