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  • Groupname: babeltecaweb
  • Users: babelteca, roberto, mauricio, eamills
  • Description:

    This group is for Babelteca software developers. Babelteca is a dynamic website developed in PHP. It creates a distributed library of people's books, videos, and music. It's also intended to forge new relationships based on people's liking and interests.

    Current sites that runs this software are:

    It was even slashdoted! ?sid=03/08/24/1257213

    This project is a fork of the Distributed Library Project originally developed by Mike Benham. It can still be found at Hope we might honor his great work :-)


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    En esta web albergaremos toda la documentación que nos resulte útil para el desarrollo del sitio web.

    In this webpage we'll centralize all the documentation needed to develop the software.

SVN Repositories

  • babeltecaweb/babelteca

    Repositorio para el desarrollo del software Babelteca, fork del software de la Distributed Library Project (

    Software repository for the devolpment of Babelteca, a fork of the Distributed Library Project.

Mailing Lists


    This mailing list is going to be used by Babelteca developers exclusively.

    Esta lista de correo será usada únicamente por los desarrolladores de Babelteca.