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adatoolbox (hacid)

Some Ada 2005 services and packages packed in a library.

All files in library are under the GNAT Modified General Public License (GMGPL).

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Sur les traces du Pingouin ...

sdtraces (goupilcom)

Le bottin recense 3600 jeux Linux et 700 outils Linux.

C'est un projet libre (licence CC BY).

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TASTE toolchain

taste (maxime1008)

The TASTE toolchain stands for "The ASSERT Set of Tools for Engineering" and aims at providing free-based tools for the development of safety-critical systems. It is composed of model analyzers, parsers and other materials needed for the design, validation and implementation of safety-critical and embedded software. Tools are released under free licences (such as GPL or BSD).

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tehessinmath (tehessin)

Le site propose des ressources tout ce qui a de plus libres en mathématiques et informatique : - des cours, exercices et autres documents au format pdf avec leurs sources LaTeX pour l' iut, les classes prépas - des tutoriels, des scripts, des tp sur Haskell, Python, Sage, XCAS, emacs, LaTeX,... Tous ces documents sont sous la license libre LDL

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