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ose (kumailht)

GNU General Public License

Find some of the best open source software, reviews, guides and lots more..

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open source energy community

osecommunity (osec)

Open Source Energy Communitu it's a collaborative wiki project about create and share DIY and open-source renewable energy solutions.

All the blueprints will be put online under creatives commons with a CC-BY-SA licence.

More informations about the Open Source Energy project on (french only sorry)

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Open Source Pong

osp (mbecerra)

Open Source Pong is a pong remake written in java. It is cross-platform and runs on any platform that has the Java Virtual Machine 1.6+. It is GPL v3 licensed and anyone is welcome to contribute.

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osrdebian (osrevolution)

Debian Unofficial O.S. Revolution Repository

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ossec (oussama)

OSSEC, the abreviation of Open Source Software ENSI Club, is a club created in 2011 in the National School for Computer Sciences of Tunisia (ENSI). It encourages the use of free software and contributes in open source projects.

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OS Swich

osswich (littlegeniuz)

OS Swich is a project, which allows to install multiple OS on the Hard Disk and run them on the same time. There is also the possibility to run only one OS, and quickly change to another.

The software will be licence under the GPL, the documentation under the GFDL

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ostorybook (favdb)

oStorybook est un logiciel d'aide dans le travail des auteurs de romans, nouvelles, pièces de théâtre, scénario de cinéma/TV, etc... oStorybook est la reprise du logiciel Storybook, précédemment hébergé sur Sourceforge.

oStorybook est placé sous licence libre GPL v2 ou V3. La documentation qui l'accompagne, les images et autres ressources graphiques, sont placées sous licence Creative Common (CC-BY-SA).

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Open Source Volume One

osv1album (xylltd)

After browsing through the Synaptic Repository for Ubuntu I noticed that there were lots of Digital Audio Workstations available. Having taken an interest in the GPL I decided to create some music using only open source software. That's not to say I understand how all the software used works. This project was more to do with creativity and taking an interest in what the open source community was doing. I have a background in DSP and writing music, so making this album was quite a relaxed process.

I'd like to request a project with the TuxFamily. Ideally this project would need a web area and download repository for people to access the music. I've already spoken briefly to Sylvain Rochet about making this a TuxFamily project. What do you think? Can we do it?

Here it is on band camp;

cc by Matthew Hadlum

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otproj (openworkteam)

Open-Tutos est un annuaire, sous licence cc-by-sa ou GPL, de tutoriels qui concernent exclusivement les logiciels libres.

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oumupo (vvillenave)

L’OuMuPo (Ouvroir de Musique Potentielle) est un groupe de réflexion et d’expérimentation artistique, dont les publications sont essentiellement diffusées sous licence Art Libre.

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