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ubuntufans (humanity)

A fanlisting for Ubuntu, a popular Linux distribution.

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Ubuntu-FR Infra

ubuntufr (zed)

Le but du projet, est de permettre à l'équipe d'infrastructure d'Ubuntu-FR d'échanger des informations via un wiki, d'utiliser le GIT pour versionner ce dernier et stocker la documentation sur la plateforme technique, indépendamment de cette dernière.

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ubuntu firewall

ubuntufw (marquinos)

Website for a GPL3 Ubuntu Firewall (non official). With information, news and screenshots.

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ubuntulite (starfall87)

Ubuntulite is a meta-distribution, build upon Ubuntu, but features light programs so that it might be ran on older computers.

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ubuntuma (wass93)

Le site communautaire marocain sur Ubuntu

Le site a une license GPL: Le code source est téléchargeable à partir du site web.

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Ubuntu New Generation OS

ubuntung (javimaker)

Ubuntu New Generation (ubuntu-ng) is a full LiveCD Linux OS distribution that can be installed on thhhhe hard disk as well. As it's name implies, it's based on Ubuntu Desktop version, which is one of the most popular Linux distributions at this time. Ubuntu-ng is intended for basic linux users, "starters" (migrating from Windows or Mac), and it's also powerful enough to be used for everyday tasks or developing software. It's not just another Ubuntu remasterization; It features a renovated, modern look (includes Beryl desktop effects, GDM theme, usplash, etc) , a tweaked version of the linux Kernel, drivers (including NDISwrap enabled by default and ATI/nVidia drivers auto installation system), and a huge amount of software that we consider the "everyday desktop user's must-have software. It's a distribution also for Ubuntu users that do not want to install all the software Ubuntu lacks every time thei re-install it and are a bit bored of the aspect Ubuntu offers.

So, it's not "competence", we just want to improve other's work to be more useful. That's Open SOurce philosophy and that's ours.

The license of the project is GNU/GPL, and we include propietary codecs like MP3 installed by default, BUT we provide an easy way to unistall them just in case you don't want them (using Automatix).

Other things remain the same as Ubuntu, for example, documentation. Packages pre-compiled for Debian/Ubuntu are compatible. Support can be obtained at the Ubuntu community, and just mailing us for basic questions.

Ubuntu-ng will be distributed in 1 Gb ISOs that can be booted from the DVD itself. First release is planned for 1-2 weeks after every stable Ubuntu release (~ 6 months)

Ubuntu-ng is being developed by Javier Agüera, part of DarkGate Multimedia, and we accept new members that want to help.

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ubuntu en région paca

ubuntupaca (cmichel)

Inscrivez-vous pour organiser dans votre ville des install party,afin de faire connaitre Ubuntu au plus grand nombres de personnes possible.Centralisation des evenements linux en provence alpes cote-d'azur.

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Ubuntuser's freeworld

ubuntuser (ubuntero)

Blog fonctionnant sous dotclear 2 licence gnu gpl le blog (mis à jour chaque semaine) parlera d'ubuntu et donnera des astuces, aidera les débutant avec des dossiers et autres explications et détails sur l'open-source sur linux en général (tout type de linux, livecd, alternate cd, basés sur debian, slackware ....) bref plein de boulots ^^

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Ubuntu España

ubuntuspain (ubuntueses)

Spanish LoCo Team. Group of Ubuntu fans and enthusiasts work together in Spain to help advocate, promote, translate, develop and otherwise improve the Ubuntu project. More info All contents are under CC BY-SA 3.0 license.

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Ubuntu Albania/Kosovo LoCo Team

ubuntusq (alketii)

A site to replace our current blog It will be used mainly to post our Events, Photo Gallery , Wiki etc.

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