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devparrot (mgautier)

A text editor written in python/tkinter. devparrot is multi documents, multi views and aims to be fully customizable (in same way as vim or emacs)

For now devparrot is at beta state.

Devparrot is under the gplv3 license.

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Update Notifier Applet

unapplet (klappnase)

A simple, light-weight, desktop-independent update notification applet for the system tray on apt based systems as Debian, Ubuntu or Linux Mint. A cron job runs in the background and periodically checks for pending software updates, the applet informs you by its color about the state of your system. Through its menu you can view the list of pending updates, check for updates and install these. The main goal of un-applet is to provide an easy way to help users to keep their system up to date without getting in the user's way while keeping software dependencies at a minimum. This software is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v.2 .

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