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Evomuse Project

evomuse (seblerique)

A decentralised way to provide internet services: web hosting, email services, file repositories, etc.

Doing all that in a distributed and modular architecture, easily scalable, based on P2P as much as possible.

This should avoid "overkill" solutions (like very powerful or very well connected servers) as well as usual bottlenecks or weak spots (a central frontend server or load balancer for example). To sum up, it should be able to provide fast and reliable services, using only small servers possibly badly connected to the Internet.

The code will be published under the MIT Licence.

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evoplugins (lucilanga)

Central place for developing evolution mail related plugins. License is GPLv2+.

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evp (ferny65)

This project is about an online evaluation system for measure the quality of teaching in an university. Data is collected from formularies answered also online by students, then it is summarized and presented in reports to managers in order to assits them in making decisions. The software will be released under the GPL licence

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Experimental VHFFS PHP Panel

evpp (fremo)

Experimental VHFFS PHP Panel is a rewriting of the VHFFS panel, lighter and easier to extend.

It is said "Experimental" because it does not aim to be developped up to a production release but to publish a base of code...

I tried to extend VHFFS panel and got sick because of perl (my problem) and because of its design.

The license is AGPL

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Ears Wide Open

ewo (mattberjon)

Le projet vise à créer et proposer un système (logiciel et matériel) d'aide auditive open source (license GPLv2) redonnant le contrôle à ses utilisateurs dans les situations de tous les jours qu'ils peuvent rencontrer.

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Exocet build diary

exocet (ygg)

I am currently building my own race car, this is my way of documenting it, photos and clever (hopefully) remarks.

This content is placed under the Creative Common Attribution-Sharealike 4.0 International license (CC BY-SA 4.0).

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exult (dominus)

Exult is an open source, GPL-2.0, cross platform reimplementation of the Ultima VII engine. Ultima VII is a DOS game created by Origin in 1992. On top of that we feature a GTK+3 based tool to create your own mods and games with this engine. Development of Exult has started in 1998 and has been on SourceForge since 2000. Our website is at

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Eyehost : Interface d'hébergement de EyeOS

eyehost (kixmee)

Le projet eyehOSt (création & hébergement gratuit du webtop eyeOS) permettra tout a chacun de créer un serveur d'installation de EyeOS. eyeOS est un environnement de bureau libre (sous licence AGPL v3) basé sur une interface Web. Il permet à l'utilisateur d'accéder à son bureau, ses fichiers et ses applications eyeOS à partir de tout navigateur, sur n'importe quel ordinateur, en n'ayant besoin que d'un système de base permettant de faire tourner un navigateur et d'une connexion internet.

Cette page de EyehOSt sur tuxfamily permettera de rendre public et collaboratif le projet disponible en production sur

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eyeos (zarius)

Projet de personnalisation de eyeOS (License GPL : (Un concept Open-Source de système d'exploitation en ligne. Il est accessible depuis un simple navigateur Web et on peut le personnaliser de façon illimitée, jusqu'à ce qu'il corresponde exactement à nos besoins)

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