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General information

  • Groupname: evomuse
  • Users: seblerique, pulkomandy
  • Description:

    A decentralised way to provide internet services: web hosting, email services, file repositories, etc.

    Doing all that in a distributed and modular architecture, easily scalable, based on P2P as much as possible.

    This should avoid "overkill" solutions (like very powerful or very well connected servers) as well as usual bottlenecks or weak spots (a central frontend server or load balancer for example). To sum up, it should be able to provide fast and reliable services, using only small servers possibly badly connected to the Internet.

    The code will be published under the MIT Licence.




  • était utilisé pour un autre projet jusque là, mais est maintenant libéré. On voudrait migrer la page principale du projet evomuse sur (Pardon pour la première demande -- j'avais pas saisi le texte en rouge)

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