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cqrcrt (sebek)

cqrcrt is replacment for secureCRT which is windows only. It will be released under GPL.

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CrashBit Icons

crashbit (igancuhz)

Crashbit Icons for Gnome, based on Tango and Gnome and the KDE Oxygen Color Palette.

License under LGPL 3.

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crazyproject (crazy)

Gestionnaire de projet en PHP sous licence GPL. Avancement du projet, membre de l'équipe, gestion des recrutements, TODOlist, bugs, suggestions, forums, newsletter.

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creacassonne (vaandefanel)

Version informatisée et libre du jeu de société Carcassonne. Développé en c++ sous Eclipse (CDT) et basé sur la SDL. Distribution sous licence CeCILL dans sa version 2.

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creasso (rookmoot)

Creasso is a CMS (content management system) that able associations, groups, etc to got a website easily :)

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creche2 (sdelporte)

Logiciel de gestion d une creche familliale ce projet est sous GPL la couche de donnee sous mysql la couche de gestion en ejb 3 la couche de presentation JSP,JSTL,AJAX le serveur d appli tomcat 5

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creis networking

creisnet (creis)

meant to host various free software projects related to ease advanced networking configuration/setups on Linux platform (routing/mpls/lac/lns...).

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Cris linux operating system

crisos (claudyus)

CrisOs is first linux base operating system developed for arch cris based on OpenWrt project.

License: GNU GPL

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critters (jkroll)

Critters will be a 2D two-player networked realtime strategy game. Players create little critters (NPCs) with certain parameters and features. Critters try to defeat the other player's NPCs, reach the other player's base, and collect goodies, guided by an AI. The player who has no money and critters left loses. Critters is developed in C++ under Linux using OpenGL and SDL. It will be released under the revised BSD license.

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crm egs

crm (hugocmx)

EGS is a multi-user, web-based Groupware/CRM/MRP suite developed using PHP. Current modules include: CRM/Address Book/Dashboard, Calendar, Content Management, Wiki, Project Management tools, Email Ticketing, Website News, File Sharing and Accounting/ERP.

Project Admins: jstride, nsuk Operating System: OS Independent (Written in an interpreted language) License: GNU General Public License (GPL) Category: CRM, Project Management, Time Tracking

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