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3v1deb (3v1n0)

This project has born as an Ubuntu Repository to give extra binary software to community. Then it included a blog and other tools to share the my knowledge about the open-source project I followed/worked.

I actually use it to store some of my open projects and resources (being focused mostly on Openmoko and other embedded development).

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AI scripts

aiscripts (gremy)

AI scripts est une implémentation (python, prolog et matlab/octave) des principaux algorithmes d'intelligence artificielle (au sens large).

Ces scripts ont avant tout une valeur pédagogique et seront utilisés pour illustrer de futurs articles/tutoriels.

Dans la mesure du possible, ils seront écrits de sorte à être réutilisables sur de vrais projets (sous forme de librairies).

Au programme : * Apprentissage statistique : Perceptron, Adaline, PMC, Kppv, SVM, SOM, Kmean, Adaboost, ... * Recherche opérationnelle : parcours de graphs, programmation mathématique, ... * IA symbolique

Les scripts sont sous licence MIT.

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Amiens Python

amienspython (magicvinni)

AmiensPython est un projet libre (Licence CeCILL) qui propose une version française et portable de Python 2.6.1 principalement destinée à une utilisation en classes de lycée.

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Blender Forum francophone


cdpedago (benodilo)

CD pédagogique regroupant des logiciels libres ou gratuit pour étudiants/enseignants.

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classe4 (escouflaire)

Mutualisation de documents pédagogiques sous licence GPL. Matières concernées ; mathématiques, français, documents enseignement préprofessionnel matière cuisine. Ces documents sont utilisables par des enseignants exerçant dans des IME (institut médico éducatif) SEGPA, CLIS, public concerné adolescents présentant des difficultés d'apprentissage. cordialement Philippe

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ClicNAct : Educational Activities

clicnact (anjon)

Free suite of educational activities for small children (2-8 yrs old). More than 1000 activities, an interface which runs in English, French and Arabic. Designed for children with special needs. Full description here : Licence GPL V3.

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cllfst (nizaros)

Portail Web du Club du Logiciel Libre à la Faculté des Sciences de Tunis. Notre Club encourage l'utilisation et le développement des logiciels libres et leurs mise à profit pour notre faculté.

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Cris linux operating system

crisos (claudyus)

CrisOs is first linux base operating system developed for arch cris based on OpenWrt project.

License: GNU GPL

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diabolo (papos)

a multimedia light linux system Videopup2 codename: Diabolo After videopup ?t=27611 who was my first release to create my movies, I have released videopup2 codename Diabolo I have tested it, so I add only programs who works for me I am uploading it as a courtesy for those with similar needs of multimedia expression This is a beta release: 252 Mb md5:4050489b67c196a1d8e904ececc5adcd Diabolo412b.iso comes with complete Puppy Linux 4.1.2 I have put the translation of the programs for en, fr, it, es, de (simple to change just click on the right flag) plus Celtx 1.0: qdvdauthor-1.6.1 (Thinks to remove the last underscore then selecting directory in new project) Kino -1.3.0 : Works well (now import jpeg for diaporama) Avidemux 2.4.3: Gimp 2.6 Blender 2.48: Java-1.6u7 Wine 1.1.4 Streamtuner Mplayer: well dvd player xplns Firepup by default and some tools and optimisation

Special thanks to the hardworkers. Barry Kauler, the creator of Puppy Linux Mu Mark: for buildsystem and a lot of tools ttuuxxx: for all its conributions Jean jacque Moulinier for french translation. and all the contributors ...

Tips: it's simple to create two pup_save-blank.2fs save file (just rename a file like this pup_save-blankB.2fs) like this you can choose 0 at bootup two have a new fully fonctional version file that you can backup (set your temp files for kino on you large drive). don't install this distribution just boot from a cd a usb or from dos XP, and save your configuration on shutdown Papos/

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