Details for group 3v1web

General information

  • Groupname: 3v1deb
  • Users: 3v1n0
  • Description:

    This project has born as an Ubuntu Repository to give extra binary software to community. Then it included a blog and other tools to share the my knowledge about the open-source project I followed/worked.

    I actually use it to store some of my open projects and resources (being focused mostly on Openmoko and other embedded development).




GIT Repositories

  • 3v1deb/elmim.git

    A libpurple client written in C using the ecore loop and the Elementary widgets.

    The core that I've already written is already released under GPL. The GUI will use the same.


  • 3v1deb/etube.git

    A youtube video browser/player written in C with the Elementary (GUI) libraries. It's aims to be in the future a dedicated mplayer front-end too.

    Its actually already released under the GPLv2 terms and available at [1].