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botsim (gremy)

Botsim est un simulateur de robots utilisé dans le cadre de travaux sur les algorithmes génétiques. La physique est simulé via la librairie opensource Bullet. Botsim est distribué sous licence MIT.

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Crystal Hammer's Website


openblox (johnmh)

OpenBlox is a free and open source (LGPLv3) game engine, implementing an easy to use Lua API, similar to that of the proprietary ROBLOX engine. The reference implementation client, studio as well as the studio software are available under the GPLv3.

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spaceracer (yno)

Spaceracer (nom de code) est un jeu de tir et/ou de course dans l'espace. Il utilise le SCEngine pour le rendu et ODE pour la gestion de la physique et est disponible sous licence GPLv3.

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Stunt Rally

stuntrally (cryham)

The game focuses on closed rally tracks with possible stunt elements (jumps, loops, pipes) and comes with a track editor. It features more than 150 tracks (with various difficulty) in over 30 sceneries, many cars and few other vehicles. Few game modes are present including challenges and networked multiplayer.

Based on VDrift simulation and using OGRE for rendering. License: GPL v3.

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The Need For Open Speed

tnfos (qchmqs)

Forking SuperTuxKart, and changing it to a need for speed(underground 2) clone,car tunning race in the city, and a lot, the main reason to do so is to provide a race-game on GPL, there is no such,

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