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Blender Jungle

blenderjungl (bibi09)

Blender Jungle est un site communautaire où chaque membre peut proposer des articles (tutoriels, astuces, critiques) en rapport avec les logiciels libres, dont principalement Blender. Cependant, l'utilisation de Blender est fortement liée à celle de logiciels de graphismes 2D, moteurs de jeux et programmation, montage vidéo/audio et de MAO. Parce que toutes ces informations sont souvent éparpillées aux quatre coins du web, le but de Blender Jungle est de concentrer toute l'information en un seul et même lieu, afin de faciliter les connexions inévitables entre les applications.

Les articles sont publiés sous différentes licences libres au choix de chaque utilisateur : ArtLibre, GNU-GPL, GNU-FDL, CC-BY-SA et CC-BY.

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Crystal Hammer's Website

crystal (cryham)

A personal website of Crystal Hammer. An open source developer. Showing mainly his projects. Licensed CC-BY-SA 3.0.

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openblox (johnmh)

OpenBlox is a free and open source (LGPLv3) game engine, implementing an easy to use Lua API, similar to that of the proprietary ROBLOX engine. The reference implementation client, studio as well as the studio software are available under the GPLv3.

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opendungeons (akien)

OpenDungeons is an open source, real time strategy game sharing game elements with the Dungeon Keeper series and Evil Genius. Players build an underground dungeon which is inhabited by creatures. Players fight each other for control of the underground by indirectly commanding their creatures, directly casting spells in combat, and luring enemies into sinister traps.

The game is developed by a friendly community of developers and artists, and has now reached a quite playable and enjoyable status after more than 6 years of development.

Licensing: The code in under the GPLv3 license (except for one bundled dependency, angelscript, which is under the zlib license) [1]. The art assets and non-code text files are under various DFSG-free licenses: CC-BY-SA 3.0, CC-BY 3.0, CC0, OFL, GPLv2+, GPLv3+, MIT [2].

[1] [2]

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Stunt Rally

stuntrally (cryham)

The game focuses on closed rally tracks with possible stunt elements (jumps, loops, pipes) and comes with a track editor. It features more than 150 tracks (with various difficulty) in over 30 sceneries, many cars and few other vehicles. Few game modes are present including challenges and networked multiplayer.

Based on VDrift simulation and using OGRE for rendering. License: GPL v3.

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