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cyloop (bech)

Abréviation de Cyclic Loop Tools

Un ensemble d'outils semblable à ceux de RRDTool mais qui fonctionnent par rapport à une période de temps revenant de manière cyclique.

- Enregistrement périodique de données (ou incrémentation de compteurs) - puis génération de graphique représentant la valeur moyenne des données sur un cycle.

Exemple de graphiques que l'on, peut générer : - À quel moment de la journée ou de la semaine suis-je devant mon ordinateur ? - Évolution d'un compte bancaire sur le mois, - Évolution des conditions météorologiques à Tuxland (Antarctique) sur l'année. (pour l'évolution des cours de l'action tuxfamily, utiliser plutôt RRDTool ;-)

Licence libre dérivée de la GPL en moins juridique, publiée sur le site : - droit d'utilisation, de copie, d'analyse des sources, de modifications Mais aussi : - possibilité de traduire le logiciel, sa documentation ainsi que le site web du projet, - pas d'application dérivée qui ne respecterait pas les libertés du projet initial.

L'enregistrement des données du projet Cyloop s'effectue dans un format de fichiers binaire spécifique. Il s'agit d'un format ouvert dont les spécifications sont publiées sur le site.

Des fichiers fonte représentant l'aspect graphique sur 8 x 12 pixels d'un grand nombre de caractères peuvent être récupérés de ce projet.

Bonus : Des explications sur le fonctionnement du site web (visualisation des scripts PHP, shells pour mettre à jour certaine pages, réalisation du gif animé d'introduction ...) sont également prévues.

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libremail (bech)

Suites d'outils pour la rédaction, la consultation le filtrage le téléchargement et l'envoi de courriers électroniques. Tout ça en licence libre sur un site en 8 langues.

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LinuxLive USB Creator

lilicreator (slym)

LiLi USB Creator is a free and open-source (under GPLv3 licence terms) software for Windows that allows you to create a bootable USB key with a linux on it, with integrated virtualization.

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linuxwifi (pagode)

Configuring wireless lan with directional antennas under linux.

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notepadplus (donho)

Notepad++ is a free (as in "free speech" and also as in "free beer") source code editor and Notepad replacement that supports several languages. Running in the MS Windows environment, its use is governed by GPL License.

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PTGaMeSpt - Project

ptgamespt (ptgames)

PTGaMeSpt are a portuguese project to creat/develop an online game. This project is based on starting `Ogame clone´ under GNU GPLv3 License. Will have a bugreport system, a wiki a blog/forum...

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qet (scorpio810)

QElectroTech is a free software (licensed under GNU/GPL) to make electric diagrams. Written in C++ using the Qt5 library, it is freely available for the following platforms: GNU/Linux, Windows and Mac OS.

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The Mana World Brazil+ Nec Hercules

tmwbr (cristojesus)

The Mana World BR (or TMW-BR) and The Mana World BR+ Nec Hercules (or TMW-BR+) are 100% free games aimed at people from all ages, MMORPG style with 2D graphics. They're built under GPL license. This project consists on the development of a client and a server, and while official server is stable, Beta server and the client are constantly updated.

The Mana World BR+ Nec Hercules is developed by The Mana World BR Development Team. It contains more features than published game and is meant to eventually replace the original project.

This is a beta port from tmwAthena to Hercules and an enhancement from published TMW-BR. Published TMW-BR is hosted by Scall on a bussiness host.

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tuxnoob (pgborges)

Um site sobre linux para usuários que desconhecem completamente o sistema.

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Xinutop dedicated marine navigation OS

xinutop (marinux)

Xinutop-nav is a Linux portable marine OS, including a lightweight base applications from Xfce family, and provide, with less of 400Mo, essential marine applications such as:

- Fldigi: reception and display radio weather-fax and NAVTEX, via the sound card. - OpenCPN: chartplotter, tides, AIS, grib files, GPS interface and others navigation datas (dashboard). - Polarcom: virtual instrumentation, from NMEA datas. - XTide: tides with numerical and graphical display, worldwide coverage. - Zygrib: download and display weather grib files. - Muplex: NMEA multiplexer. - OSD Depth: display water depth with big digits above any application (aka "on top").

Xinutop is made with a special care of lightness, simplicity, efficacy, reliability and can operate from multiple datas supports (HDD, SSD, USB, Flash) on a great variety of i386 compatible computers, specially with low power processors, or those unfairly considered as obsolete, poorly supporting the growing greed of currents OS, less and less compatible with embedded hardware. Xinutop can run as a portable operating system on removable device, but also as a main operating system on hard drive (same install). The memory usage after startup is about 100MB. To make Xinutop unbreakable (may I say "unbrickable" or almost ?), the necessary sytem files and directories are locked and can't be deleted or modified by a normal way (even in root mode).

Xinutop is assembled with Ubuntu 12.04 packages (Precise), including the scripts "lrd" by Gauvain Pocentek and provide:

- A robust architecture (main file system in squashfs, no write access). - A persistent mode that allows to keep the datas and system changes in user layer (as Linux-Android system). - A restore mode, allowing to findnize exactly the original system (simply by deleting the user layer). - A "home-save" function, to automatically save and move user home datas during a restoration. - A ramdisk mode, which boost time access, running Xinutop from a virtual harddisk emulated in memory. - The full compatibility with applications of the Ubuntu distribution.

Xinutop is under GPL V3, then you are free to use, distribute and modify it, but at your own risk and under your own responsability !

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