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Double Entry Learning Tool

delt (ltpn)

A web application to allow students to learn the principles of double entry bookkeeping through a complete accounting system.

The web application is developed in PHP, using the Yii framework, and is released under the GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (

The source code is (and will be) available at

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Diabetes Mellitus

diabetes (curadiabetes)

Este proyecto está dedicado a proporcionar artículos de investigación de alta calidad sobre la curación de la diabetes mellitus. La amplia investigación realizada por nuestro equipo y los resultados encontrados serán de acceso público para las masas para su mejora y la reversión completa de la diabetes.

Algunos de los experimentos y sus resultados se publicarán con las fuentes adecuadas para la validación de la autenticidad. A medida que se realicen más y más estudios en el futuro, se actualizará el mismo para que se beneficien todas las personas interesadas.

License: CC-BY-SA

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Exceptionz Project

exceptionz (exceptionzr)

Exceptionz project contains all files, translations, documentations which are created by the exceptionz project web team. All subprojects in this project are free software and were / will be created to help other free software projects or to create new free software projects.

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faire et construire son web

fairesonweb (djetdail)

Tutoriel de demo sur l'installation et l'utilisation d'outils web provenant du "libre". Destiné principalement aux associations, groupe de travail..... Montrer que l'utilisation, la gestion de site d'information ou de travail collaboratif est à la portée d'un public motivé.

Licence: Licence GNU de documentation libre

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freepost (zplus)

freepost is a free message board used mainly to discuss free-software and free-culture related topics. It is available at while the source code, licensed as AGPLv3+, is hosted at

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geneweb (a2line)

GeneWeb is a genealogy software with a web interface developped in OCaml by Daniel de Rauglaudre. It can be installed locally on a stand-alone machine and on any web server.

GeneWeb is a free software distributed with a GNU General Public License and supported on Unix, Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

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GULL LinuxArverne


jascms (exceptionzr)

Jas CMS is a free, small website engine written in Java. It can produce static content without the need of any databases or server-side scripting languages. Jas CMS is created to fulfil high security concerns.


* Java * OOP * Free Software (GNU GPL 3) * UI / GUI * MVC * Security (Static content generation) * Templates / Blocks / Content Types …

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metagov (epastore)

The mission of the Metagovernment project is to support the development and use of Internet tools which enable the members of any community to fully participate in the governance of that community. We are a global organization of people working on various projects which further this goal.

Each of the participating projects is developed independently of, and thus determines its own licensing strategy. Metagovernment acts as a forum for communication between project developers, promotes interests common to its participating projects, and engages in projects benefiting the community such as the development of an open data standard to enable the exchange of data between related projects.

While does not currently develop software, it supports the development of FOSS and most (but not all) of its members are developers of FOSS.

Our Basic Principles are (1) Government of, by, and for all the people – Anyone may contribute to any open source governance structure, and (2) Openness in everything – All aspects of governance will be as open as possible, under the principle of radical transparency. All software and systems used to run administrations will be free, open source software and systems.

More information about the organization can be found on our wiki (

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vtcms (hyperclock)

I started a project named the VoyaTrax CMS Project in 2014. The output of that is vtCMS, a modded version of XOOPS (we were planning a version, see the website as to why NOT) with some improvement that never found it's way there. I've added a Terms, Privacy Ploicy, Imprint, Disclaimer and an About Us page. All hardcoded into the system along with backend administration, including an editor.

Other enhancement include UTF-8 as well as modules that are needed in every CMS, such as a contact module, security module, a language module for multilingual content. Another enhancement is an Cookie announcement - compliant with the European Cookie Law.

Many more enhancements are in planning as well as getting some general purpose modules upto date. Themeing is also a place where lot's of enhancemet need to take place.

Of course I'm sticking to the GPL, the original core is GPLv2 but I'm uping that to GPLv3.

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