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  • Groupname: aurorafoss
  • Users: lsferreira
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    Aurora Free Software Collection. We create open source software, mainly under LGPL and GPL licenses that integrates with the Aurora Framework, our main project. More info on: or





    This area is to create a community space for people that use our software discuss each others ideas and questions.


    Blog for Aurora Software news, using a simple wordpress cms (will be available on Also an opensource version available using (Gitlab Jekyll pages, not hosted here)


    Because we cant have GNU Mailing list we will have a simple page hosted here just for important information for mailing list, how it works and who hosted it <3


    Wiki for the project for help articles and more info about it (guided documentation)


    To host all generated documentation such as Doxygen documentation for our projects


    To host a status page for the project using our custom simple php page


    Humanosofia is a psychology self-help project for helping people creating a better healthy mind and stop struggling with some common mental thoughts.

    > How is that related to aurora FOSS? How is that related to Free Software/Culture at all?

    This project is related to our motivational software we are developing. The intention with that is to create libre utilities for self-helping and mental health (some proprietary software could track people on that related subject, because they handle private information. we want to avoid that situation by opening the code to everyone).

    You can check out some work here:

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