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General information

  • Groupname: aurorafoss
  • Users: lsferreira, ev1lbl0w
  • Description:

    Aurora Free Software Collection. We create open source software, mainly under LGPL and GPL licenses that integrates with the Aurora Framework, our main project. More info on: or





    This area is to create a community space for people that use our software discuss each others ideas and questions.


    Blog for Aurora Software news, using a simple wordpress cms (will be available on Also an opensource version available using (Gitlab Jekyll pages, not hosted here)


    Because we cant have GNU Mailing list we will have a simple page hosted here just for important information for mailing list, how it works and who hosted it <3


    Wiki for the project for help articles and more info about it (guided documentation)


    To host all generated documentation such as Doxygen documentation for our projects


    To host a status page for the project using our custom simple php page

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