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Pascal Utility

pasutility (jeromeb)

A collection of various Free Pascal utility classes and functions : - Generic collections - Message bus - File handling - Internationalization and localization

Pascal source files are released under GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) version 3.0. Documentation is released under GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL) version 1.3

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pgn4spip (matt)

The pgn4spip plugin for the CMS SPIP 2 and 3 displays the chessboard of the chess game described in Portable Game Notation (PGN) format. lang::en, fr; Language::PHP, Javascript, HTML, SPIP, CSS; License::GPLv3 subject::tool; tool::spip; type::development, tutorial, support; soft::game

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phokaia (suizokukan)

Phokaia est un dictionnaire bilingue grec ancien->français sous licence GPLv3. Phokaia a pour but d'être utilisable avec une suite de logiciels qui sont tous sous licence libre. En particulier, la syntaxe des fichiers de Phokaia permet d'utiliser le formateur de dictionnaire Logotheras, également sous GPLv3. Les fichiers de ce projet sont ainsi rédigés à la manière de fichiers textes, facilement modifiables par un être humain mais également par la machine.

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Punishment Of Hadès

poh (davidus)

Punishment of Hadès est un jeu de combat écrit en c++ et qt4. Hadès, le maitre des enfers, organise un grand tournoi dont le gagnant retrouvera la vie (Licence GPL)

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psychotests (linkid)

Psychotests is composed of some rapid games (psychotechnical tests) under the GNU GPL v3.

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PTGaMeSpt - Project

ptgamespt (ptgames)

PTGaMeSpt are a portuguese project to creat/develop an online game. This project is based on starting `Ogame clone´ under GNU GPLv3 License. Will have a bugreport system, a wiki a blog/forum...

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pydhcplib (tamtam)

pydhcplib is a independant pure python library to build client/server dhcp programs.

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pympdserver (dal)

python-mpd-server (GPLv3) permits to bind a player to a MPD server. You then can control your player with a MPD client such as sonata or gmpc.

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qcodeedit (fmc)

QCodeEdit is a source code editing framework written in C++/Qt4. It provide basic widgets and advanced syntax-related features that make it extremely easy to setup a proper source code editor for any language and embed it in a larger GUI application.

It is dual licensed : GPL for free and BSD (or similar permissive licenses) for a reasonable fee.

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qnetsoul (leflou)

Client netsoul (protocole utilisé au sein du campus IONIS) multiplateforme (Qt). Le programme est sous licence GPLv3.

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