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pydhcplib (tamtam)

pydhcplib is a independant pure python library to build client/server dhcp programs.

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pympdserver (dal)

python-mpd-server (GPLv3) permits to bind a player to a MPD server. You then can control your player with a MPD client such as sonata or gmpc.

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qcodeedit (fmc)

QCodeEdit is a source code editing framework written in C++/Qt4. It provide basic widgets and advanced syntax-related features that make it extremely easy to setup a proper source code editor for any language and embed it in a larger GUI application.

It is dual licensed : GPL for free and BSD (or similar permissive licenses) for a reasonable fee.

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qnetsoul (leflou)

Client netsoul (protocole utilisé au sein du campus IONIS) multiplateforme (Qt). Le programme est sous licence GPLv3.

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qsnippets (amizya)

QSnippets is a simple application written in Qt4/C++ and Licenced under GPL v3 licence, the main idea for qsnippets is storing the valuable chunk of code that every developer needs to.

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recaged (slinger)

ReCaged is a Free Software, Futuristic, Racing Game.

With the main inspiration taken from the "Rollcage" and "Rollcage: Stage II" games, it has been written from scratch with focus on high simulation realism and flexibility. It also supports highly detailed 3D models for both rendering and collision detection.

All code is licensed under GPLv3, and all media files are under free licenses such as: GPLv3, All-Permissive and similar free licenses (such as CC-BY-SA).

More information, downloads and git repository can be found at:

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repoforenly (curiouseag)

Repo for Manjaro Enly (custom enlightenment desktop based on manjaro linux).

This repo contains prebuild software from different sources. All are providen by a GPL or BSD or MIT or DoWhatTheFuckYouWant license.

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rssproxyfilt (bb2k)

Un Proxy RSS fait en php avec une option de filtrage du flux.

Rss Proxy made in php that can filter entries.

Licence GNU-GPL V3

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Saigkills Backtrace

SAR Charts

sarcharts (shadok)

SAR Charts est une interface Web pour afficher les données, fournies par SAR (System Activity Report, du paquet sysstat) sur les serveurs Linux et Unix, avec des graphiques.

Repo GitHub sous GPL v3 :

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