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myplanet (syeric)

MyPlanet est un agrégateur RSS écrit en php qui offre à la fois un mode de visualisation "planet" et "agrégateur". L'objectif est d'être léger, n'afficher qu'une partie limitée des flux, ainsi qu'un nombre fixe d'articles par source. Le logiciel est donc purement destiné à partager ses "coups de coeur". Licence : GPL

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myreview (minh)

MyReview is an open-source web application for managing the paper submission and paper review phases. MyReview is implemented with PHP and MySQL, and distributed under the GNU General Public Licence.

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myroadmap (mr2m)

Free Music, Free Softwares, Free Culture, all on liveCD based on debian (freeest of all real free distros) with KDE, aMSN, Amarok, Beryl, for the sotwares, my Magnatunes' favourites, some other artist I discover freely on the web.

What Can fit better with this than tux's family ? A free hosting for my free way of freedom, follow my path, here I'll show you what's going on with this free way I found... here you'll see my road map... here you'll see Mr M.

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My Round Robin Scheduling

myrtsch (myrtscht)

This project contains a program and a module, both written in Perl, which help you to run tournaments (or parts of them) using the round robin system. Firstly it was aimed to be used for table tennis (there the "t" in the end of "myrtscht" comes from). But over the time it will develop to be game independent.

The license will be the combination of GPL and Artistic License used by Perl.

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myth (cmoi)

Un site de rencontre libre pour les gens libres. Licence libre (BSD).

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mythtv sur archlinux

mythtvarch (gilles74)

En complément de Mythtv-fr, vous trouverez ici tout ce qui est nécessaire pour installer Mythtv sur Ach Linux. (depôt pkgbuild, script d'installation, etc ...) sous licence GNU-GPL, Libre Art et CC-BY-SA

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mywordpad (hv03216)

application editeur de texte sous licence GNU/GPL

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