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kdissert (tnagy)

Mind mapping tool for easy document creation. It used to be on in the past. I hope this time it will last longer :)

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kenorepo (kenobi)

Ubuntu Feisty packages (backported and configured)

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kernelmonte (advid)

Mise à jour de cette fonctionnalité pour la dernière mandrake. Etude pour charger freedos de la même manière.

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kfarchive (almeo)

A collection of music recordings in public domain, they are accompanied by detailed informations about the recording context and the piece recorded.

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Khan Desktop

khandesktop (kdadmin)

Khan Desktop is a Khan Academy viewer, produced independently from the Khan Academy (

See the website for more info.

Software Licence: GNU General Public Version 2

Khan Academy Content Licence: Creative Commons (CC by NC SA) Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike

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khzied (zied)

C'est un site contenant des articles, des news, des docs,... pour linux (fedora, opensuse, debian,...) et aussi contenant des aides pour le langage ruby et jruby sous le framework ror sous lisence GPL utiles pour la communauté tunisienne.

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kibadock (admiral)

Kiba-Dock is a dock program licensed under the GPL

Its a Dock kinda like the Mac OS X one, but it has transparency and a physics engine to do cool effects, you can see the existing website at Its still fairly rough at the moment as for most of the developers it their first major project and they are learning as they go.

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kifaru (hskinnemoen)

Kifaru is a highly configurable demo scene toolkit. It includes file format converters, configuration utilities and a software library; in other words, all you need for rapid demo production.

License: LGPL v2

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kiosysinfo (jerrad)

With this project i develop the kio-slave sysinfo (for KDE) taken from openSuSE. The source code was adapted for other distros (particularly for kubuntu) and other features were added. I maintain the source code, the kubuntu 7.04 deb and the Debian testing deb (i need space to host them). Other people maintain packages for other distros .

License: GPL (like the original openSuSE kio-sysinfo).

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kissthechief (frajibe)

Logiciel multiplateforme C++/Qt de gestion de recettes. Sous licence GPL.

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