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Response Bots for Twitch

responsebot (murks)

Simple utility bots for Twitch.

Written in Lua they communicate using a minimal subset of IRC over websockets as well as the Twitch REST API.

License: MIT

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spitfire's intrepid backports

s13backports (spitfire)

Repository for Ubuntu 8.10 "Intrepid Ibex" holding packages backported from upcoming Ubuntu 9.04 "jaunty Jackalope" , Debian unstable & experimental + some external, that didn't made it to get into one of distributions mentioned above.

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Saigkills Backtrace

sa linux live distro

salive (anila)

A tiny linux live distro for old computers. Mainly aiming for computers with low RAM. All the widely used broadband connections in Sri Lanka will work in salive. This project also tries to spread knowledge about GNU, Linux and Open Source softwares in Sri Lanka.

salive is a free project. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU GPL2 License, or any later version.

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salix (fredg)

Hébergement, développement de divers services associés au système d'exploitation GNU/Linux Salix OS ( Les services à développer: -une interface dynamique de consultation des paquets disponibles (info, mainteneur, dépendances, arch, ...) -une interface pour une gestion des SLKBUILDS communautaires -.. Aucun paquet ne sera hébergé sur les serveurs de Tuxfamily. Les interfaces seront développées sous PHP/Mysql dont le code sera publié sous license libre "BSD Revised".

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Sawfish Pager

sawfishpager (nano)

The native pager of the Sawfish windowmanager.

Licensed under the GNU General Public License v2+

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scengine (yno)

The SCEngine project, which stands for Simple C Engine, is a set of tools and libraries distributed under the GNU GPLv3 providing an OpenGL rendering engine. It intends to break the compatibility with the old versions of the GL in order to offer a large set of modern rendering techniques.

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sd84 (sloane)

Librairie en C pour la carte USB SD84 de la société Devantech. Cette librairie contient 3 types de fonctions: - Entrée/sortie numérique. - Sortie pour servomoteurs de modélisme. - Entrées analogiques 10 bits.

Cette librairie et livrée avec des exemples indépendants: - allumer/éteindre une LED, - faire l'acquisition d'une valeur analogique convertie en une valeur numérique - pilotage de servos moteur. Makefile, readme, quelques photos et autres documentation relatif aux exemples.

Ce projet est distribué sous la licence GPL.

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Sur les traces du Pingouin ...

sdtraces (goupilcom)

Le bottin recense 3600 jeux Linux et 700 outils Linux.

C'est un projet libre (licence CC BY).

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seifaul (murks)

sei_FauL - be lazy

An Ecasound front-end, written in Lua.

Ecasound is a hard-disk recording and audio processing tool for Unix-like systems. It exists since many years and has seen many front-ends, yet there's only one actively developed one, and while it is a nice CLI front-end, its graphical version is lacking.

The goal of sei_FauL is to fill this gap and become a graphical Front-end for Ecasound that is fast to use, provides actually useful features and is reasonably nice to look at.

sei_FauL is still in the early stages of development. The current state is "proof of concept", it features full CLI control of Ecasound and a fast to use 'takes' concept. A basic GTK+ GUI is among the next goals.

It is licensed under GPL3 (NOT "or (at your option) any later version.)".

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