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x11secure (matiasbsd)

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X96 Panel

x96panel (alexblackie)

A minimalistic website creator/editor built with PHP/MySQL and licensed under GPL. Very simple to use, install and make templates for. Prefect for you if you want to create a website with a few pages and need some way to update it easily without modifying code.

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xaeroweb (xaero)

web site personal of xaero, documentation slackware GNU/Linux, ...

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xbillng (thepeskygeek)

XBill-NG is a GPLv2-licensed game where you have to stop the evil hacker, which is only known by his handle, "Bill", from taking over the world's computers!

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xbookmark (jey)

Français: XBookmark est un plugin pour Firefox vous permettant de stocker vos favoris sur votre compte Jabber/XMPP. Vos favoris vous suivent donc partout.

English: XBookmark is a Firefox plugin which enables to store your bookmarks within your Jabber/XMPP account. Hence they follow you everywhere.

Licence: GPLv3

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xcfaudio (xcfa)

Projet sous GPL Est un (fronted) logiciel graphique qui utilise divers programmes externes pour extraire et convertir des fichiers musicaux.

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XCF utilities for GIMP

xcfutils (girin)

A set of tools that we use internally to view and diff XCF files in a useful way.

This is an alternative to the good old xcftools which development has been inactive for years (recently someone forked it, so new development appears), with new paradigms. In particular it relies on libgimp to ensure it should work however GIMP evolves.

License: AGPL v3.

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xcore operating system

xcoreos (xcore)

Xcore is a fast and lightweight gnu/linux operating system licenced under the GPL.

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xen (xenfr)

Site sur les technologies de vitualisation et de machines virtuelles basées sur XEN

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Xenon Project

xenonproject (xenon)

An open source web system designed for netbooks, with ease of use, speed and stability in mind. Programmed in PHP, MySQL, CSS, XHTML, and JavaScript. Licensed under the AGPL.

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