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iol2007 (infodomestic)

Infodomestic Objects Linux 2007. Here I would like to offer our vision about fine tuning Debian based software distribuition like: Debian GNU/Linux, Ubuntu Linux using multi repository of 100% Free Software mainly covered by GPL/BSD licences coming from Debian, Ubuntu,Gentoo,NetBSD,T2 source repositories. The main purpose of this project is to permit to redistribute the 2007 fine tuning works made by us to the world. The main licences used will be pretty GNU/GPL and BSD like.Or at least a good liberal free OSI compliant license.

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iPhone SSH Backup Script

iphonebk (ironstark)

This is a project for the implementation of a scripts series for secure data backup in iPhone and iPod Touch. GNU GPL License

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ipseity (flauri)

Ipseity is an open-source platform developed in C++ with the Qt framework. The Ipseity software is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 3. Ipseity aims at easing the synthesis and validation of Artificial Cognitive Systems in Multi-Agent Systems. Artificial Cognitive Systems embed a set of Artificial Intelligence techniques that may be executed alternatively or concurrently, in parallel or sequentially.

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ipup (nibl)

iPup is a light and fast desktop Linux distribution based on Puppy Linux. iPup was born out of the need to distribute Puppy Linux freely, unhindered by codec patents. iPup allows PC vendors to preinstall Puppy Linux on thin clients and mini PCs without paying any license fees.

iPup has two main goals:

1) To increase the stability over the official Puppy Linux release on which iPup is based. iPup prioritizes stability before innovation.

2) To only include free, Open Source software. This means removing any non-free, proprietary code from the Puppy Linux base, and finding free software alternatives if available.

iPup is a Linux distribution so various Open Source licenses are used by the included softwares. All included licenses are Open Source.

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Ipv blog

ipvblog (ipv)

blog orienté sur la sécurité informatique. analyse axé sur l'architecture des systèmes d'exploitation et présentation des divers travaux liés. projets et codes sources sous licence libre(beerware, gpl, bsd)

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irchat (yamaneko)

Client IRC écrit en C# sous licence GPL. Il peut supporter des modules écrits en langages compatibles .Net et possède également un système de scripts. Disponible en Français et en Anglais, son interface actuelle utilise les WinForms. L'écriture d'une librairie d'interface GTK# est en projet pour une possible utilisation sous Linux.

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irissoft (lucsj)

IrisSoft propose des logiciels libre et accessible pour les déficients visuels, affins qu'ils soient utilisable avec un lecteur d'écran

Ce site n'a rien a voir avec le site que nous ne cautionons pas, pour à cause de leur spywor ad-ward

Ces logiciels sont gratuits et libre, lissence GPL3 il ne s'agit pas d'une société mais d 'un site créé par un particulier. voir la version provisoire :

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Irmin Linux

irmin (gildo)

Linux Distribution with optimized core system scripts (like init configuration files etc) and a fully patched kernel for performance and stability. License: GNU GPL vers. 3

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irminpass (leowzukw)

Password manager built on top of Git, thanks to Mirage.

Written in OCaml, licenced under CeCILL

NOTE for moderator: New name of miragepass, I will remove after.

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irssiotr (ulim)

Off-the-Record Messaging (OTR) for the irssi Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client. Released under the GPLv2 or higher.

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