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Açık Kaynak Hayat

acikca (ekril)

[Turk]Hayatın her anında paylaşımın ve üretimin (yartıcılığın) gerçekten var olabilmesi için Açık Kaynaklı bir hayatın gerekliliğine inanıyorum. Bu konudaki görüşlerimin ve alıntılarımın yer aldığı bir blog.[/Turk] [ENG]A blog about "Open Source Life" (Acik Kaynak Hayat" . To discuss what can be done to make whole life Open Source not only softwares. Open Source Recepies for any avaliable kind of things like "bread making ", "agriculture", "paper making" ,"survival things" .

Also I am using MSI Wind Clone (Datron) and Ubuntu 8.10. I would love to publish themes, how to's, debs (for atracting Wind users to chose GNU/Linux distros). Which i think is the start of "Open Source Life" [/ENG]

I will use CC-BY-SA for Artworks (Anykind) , GPLv3 for softwares (If any) and for manuals I will use GFDL.

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acorg (admincraft)

AdminCraft.Org is the one-stop all-GPL-content place for the System Administrator. Here you will find topics, articles and even programming code that interests you as any System Administrator. AdminCraft.Org is also not all about technical stuff, you will find parts of AdminCraft.Org that we are sure you will appreciate in your leisure time.

All Content within this project is licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL).

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acpacks (alphacluster)

A yum repository for Fedora Linux. Will host packages for various open-source projects. Initially for Exaile (A gpl licensed amarok like media player).

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actux (air1)

L'association Actux a pour but la promotion des LL à Rennes en particulier auprès des étudiants.

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adatoolbox (hacid)

Some Ada 2005 services and packages packed in a library.

All files in library are under the GNAT Modified General Public License (GMGPL).

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adbui (seraf1)

ADBui est une interface à ADB (Android Debug Bridge) disponible en licence GPL v3

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ADcomp dev.

adcompdev (adcomp)

ADcomp Dev : présentation de code/exemple/snippet en python et javascript. Résumé et/ou tutoriel sur des projets en cours.

License : * les scripts : GPLv2 * tutos : Creative Commons (cc-by)

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adeli (vroum)

Projet Adeli de Supervision "Careless Network"

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adengine (lebouquetin)

adEngine is a 100% object oriented CMS engine. It is based on documents (ie files) instead of database like common CMS engines.

adEngine is licenced under the BSD licence.

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adeskbar (adcomp)

ADeskBar est une barre de lancement d’applications pour Openbox ( ou autres WM ), developpé en Python / Gtk.

On peut modifier les paramètres d’affichage de la barre ainsi qu’ajouter des lanceurs facilement via une interface graphique. Un ensemble de plugins permet l'ajout de fonctionnalités : menu, liste des fenêtres ouvertes, systray, etc.

Projet sous license GPLv3

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