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zenkernel (waninkoko)

"zen-sources" is a stable and featurefull kernel patchset based on Linus' git tree. It's aimed for desktop systems to get maximum interactivity and performance.

This project is licensed under the terms of the GNU Public License v2 (GPLv2).

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zenlive (axxium)

ZenLive is a free opensource Linux LiveCD project that focuses on multilingual support to break the language barrier and join Linux users the world around.

What is needed at this time is the ability to create a mailing list to connect the project developers.

Cheers, Michael Verret (AxXium)

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zenpakt-Zenwalk Package Tools

zenpakt (sn18)

Zenpakt is a collection of tools(or scripts) for maintaining the packages on zenwalk linux distribution.It is intended to be a replacement for the currently being used pkgtools.Zenpakt provides commandline tools similar to pkgtools such as installpkg and removepkg which do nearly the same thing with similar commandline options as those being used right now with additional reliablity and features.Zenpakt is an entirely new code written in bash and not just an improvement over the existing code of the pkgtools which is written in sh.Zenpakt is released under GPL v2

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zenpaypal (admyre)

Plugin zenpaypal pour la galerie web zenphoto - projet sous GPL

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Zenwalk (i486) repository (by QuakeCube)

zenqc (quakecube)

A Zenwalk repository providing (i486) packages that are not in the official repository and that are meant to be included once accepted. Most packages are games and packages related to multimedia. Only GPL programs are added.

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zensources (rmh3093)

Stable & featurefull Linux kernel patchset based on Linus's git branch. This project is licensed under GPL-v2.

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Zephirum ergonomic keyboard

zephirum (cdc)

Zephirum is a small ergonomic keyboard designed with LibrePCB, based on the STM32WB55CG USB dongle, and powered by the ZMK firmware.

Design files of this keyboard are licensed under CC0 1.0.

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zephyr (senly)

Zephyr est un projet de système d'exploitation open-source et gratuit sous licence GPL. Il est dédié aux architectures x86. Son maître mot est "innovation", en effet il se base sur un système de fichiers d'un genre totalement nouveau nommé Tarm, qui remplace le système d'arborescence par un système de "post-its", ou tags. Mais Zephyr évoluera bien sûr au fil du temps, et continuera de proposer de nouvelles fonctionnalités.

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zephyr83's blog

zephyr83blog (zephyr83)

Il mio blog su Frugalware Linux e il mondo Open Source. Licenza utilizzata: GPL

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zguidetv (ronaldo1)

ZGuideTV est un EPG (guide de programmes électronique), qui permet d'afficher les programmes TV en cours et à venir. Il fonctionne indépendamment de la carte TV installée car celui-ci se connecte via internet et non via le tuner de votre carte TV.

ZGuideTv est sous GNU GPL V2

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