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Admin sous Linux - Blog Opensource

adminlinux (pydubreucq)

Blog opensource et linux. On y trouve des howtos, des news, des astuces sur les logiciels libres. Les sujets traités y sont la messagerie (postfix, cyrus...), les systèmes (ubuntu, debian...), la supervision (nagios, zabbix, centreon...), les base des données (mysql, postgresql), le web (apache et autres...) et tous le reste. Ce contenu est sous licence GNU GPL v2. Il s'agit de la migration sur un Wordpress d'un blog déjà actif et présent sur blogspot L'admin sous Linux :

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admiral0's repository for Freerunner

admiral0repo (admiral0)

This repository should contain ipk packages that i build.(including qt4[gpl] and maybe later kde4). ALL projects included will be Open Source as i only compile and package them.( i cannot say they will all be GPL, though, as there are many types of open source licence, for example apache licence). All scripts that i will write and host on this repository will be GPL.

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admsyscd (admsys)

Admin depuis 15 ans, je n'ai jamais trouver MA distrib de premier secours : LiveCD, -de 25 Mo et permettant de sauvegarder ou de récupérer un de mes PC. AdmSysCD a été concu dans ce but en espèrant qu'elle rende service à d'autres sysadmin comme moi !

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adn (jams)

Site de partage pour la connaissance des techniques du son sous linux. Le wiki collaboratif traite des logiciels les plus couramment utilisés dans le domaine de la MAO. Son forum: un support d'aide collaboratif aura pour tâche complémentaire d'épauler quand le site est down. Le tout sous licence CC BY-SA 2.5.

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aMule-AdunanzA for debian user

adudebian (maththias)

Packages of aMule-AdunanzA (an aMule mod for Fastweb users) for debian testing-unstable

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aMule AdunanzA

adunanza (markpersy)

aMule AdunanzA is a project based on aMule that aims to make the Kademlia network accessible to the Fastweb users, thanks to AdunanzA patch. This specifically is for Linux and Mac OS X user (using Fastweb provider). To references to the Italian community

The project is under GNU Public License (GPL)

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advancedlp (beuss)

Projet de traduction du livre "Advanced Linux Programming" ( diffusé sous "Open Publication License"

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Aryeom et Jude

aej (jey)

A simple 2d video game with 2 characters fighting by throwing funny objects at each others.

License: GPL version 3.

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affabule (mickaelmenu)

Affabule est un framework de développement de jeux par navigateur en PHP5. L'architecture et la classe primaire sont originaires du Zend Framework. Affabule est un logiciel libre sous licence MIT.

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Automated Freebot Republic Proposal

afr (bluesock)

Sorry about the novel. Here's the short version:

The Automated Freebot Republic's main purpose is to promote open source and free/libre artwork, code, writing, etc. In this manner, we hope to merge two communities which normally don't interact: the art and the programming groups. We hope this choice will encourage the growth of a healthy and friendly community.

The AFR's intention is to promoting learning, development and progress that is inherent in the Open Source and Free Software ideology. The Automated Freebot Republic will place its full support behind both movements in different ways, from releasing source code and also on a day to day scale (promoting events such as Day against DRM, etc.). AFR will work as a nonprofit, and all costs will be covered by the AFR team if possible, so donations will not be needed nor collected for well into the forseeable future.

Thank you for considering our idea!

- Sincerely, The Freebot Team Blusock (Matt) - Designer, Project Coordinator, Basic code Tekk (Danny)- Website Coder, Design, Concepts, Preliminary Marketing (interest research) Nannu (anon xP)- Website Coder Lead -- And more --

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