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irchat (yamaneko)

Client IRC écrit en C# sous licence GPL. Il peut supporter des modules écrits en langages compatibles .Net et possède également un système de scripts. Disponible en Français et en Anglais, son interface actuelle utilise les WinForms. L'écriture d'une librairie d'interface GTK# est en projet pour une possible utilisation sous Linux.

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irstat (xrogaan)

Just a bunch of personnal projects. Mostly crap, but could be useful if you dig.

Licence: MIT/New BSD, maybe a pinch of LGPLv3.

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Kansas Linux Fest

Karel the Robot teaches programming

karel (cbolufer)

Learn the fundamentals of programming using professor Richard E. Pattis' methodology, exposed in his book "Karel the Robot". This is a web project written fully in Javascript / HTML and distributed under a GPL license.

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Kasa Blog

kasablog (kasa)

A blog about arch linux and my experiences in the OSS world, with guides, PKGBUILDS, and a repository License: By-SA 3.0

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Khan Desktop

khandesktop (kdadmin)

Khan Desktop is a Khan Academy viewer, produced independently from the Khan Academy (

See the website for more info.

Software Licence: GNU General Public Version 2

Khan Academy Content Licence: Creative Commons (CC by NC SA) Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike

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L2TP over IPSec VPN Manager

l2tpipsecvpn (wejaeger)

This is a free and open source software licensed under GPLv3.

A GUI to manage L2TP over IPsec virtual private network connections. It provides a system tray icon in the notification area from which a non privileged user can establish and bring down L2TP over IPsec VPN connections.

There is also a 'Edit connections' menu item. In order to bring up the editor dialog, a non privileged user must authenticate as root.

From there the user can add, remove and edit vpn connections.

Editing allows configuring various options for IPsec, L2TP and PPP.

Among others, the user can configure eg. the gateway, the use of either PSK or a certificate for authentication, various L2TP options as redial- timeout and attempts and of course all important PPP options. It also allows you to configure PPP for tunnel splitting because you can add routes as you want.

When applying your settings, all necessary configuration files are written accordingly (ipsec.conf, xl2tp.conf, options.xl2tpd, opensc.conf up and down scripts ...).

It relies on Openswan and xl2tp packages as the underlying protocol handlers.

You can also use certificates on your local machine or, if e.g. OpenSC is installed and configured, even on a smart card to handle PPP authentication.

The GUI automatically detects when network interfaces are going up or down and can (if so configured) automatically establish or close VPN connections.

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LanPower Games CDs

lanpower (papap)

Les Lan Power Games CD sont des cd-rom de jeux sous licences libres pour Windows. Ils sont composés uniquement de jeux également disponibles sous Linux. Plusieurs série de CDs sont proposées : les CDs "tous publics", où les jeux susceptibles de choquer les petits ont été évités; les CDs actions destiné aux plus grands ou comprenant des jeux partiellement libres. Nous proposons également des compilations spécifiques (comme le CD SupertuxKart) ou les hors séries ainsi que les gamekey : des compilations de jeux libres et portables. Le résultat de notre travail sur les jeux (traductions et autres) figure également dans le répertoire Games.

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lavilladel6 (jalbam)

La villa del seis is a multiplatform point-and-click graphical adventure in PHP and DHTML. Also, you can play it like a text adventure (interactive fiction) on a text browser or without JavaScript. You can use the motor to make your own adventure. The game uses Yasmina's Quest motor but altered and improved. You can use the motor/engine/parser to create your own adventure if you know PHP and JavaScript. Tested under PC (Windows, BeOS, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Syllable, SkyOS, etc), MAC (Mac OS 7.1, Mac OS X), console (Nintendo DS, PSP), etc. The game and motor are under MPL 1.1 license.

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lcma (jalbam)

La Carta Mas Alta is an open source card game totally written in PHP and HTML. This cross-platform and cross-browser game was tested under BeOS, Linux, NetBSD, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Windows and others.

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