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phicad (araok)

phicad is a project aimed at gathering all engineering development specialities in one CAD suite. This suite is is released under GPL and will run on both *nix and win32 environnement

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photozeec (roozeec)

Photozeec is a software distributed under the GPL license. It provided an interface to manipulate (add date, borders,..) digital photos. This is based on models located on a website for easy update.

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phpmygpx (eska)

phpMyGPX is a web based application to manage GPS logs and geo tagged photos using a database on a local computer or online. It supports GPX file format containing trackpoints, waypoints and routes collected by GPS receivers and beeing very popular with navigation, geo caching and OpenStreetMap. All items can be displayed on a map. It is licensed under GPL.

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pint (manud)

A project to create free english comprehension tests (TOEIC-like). First by writing a PHP/MySQL web platform to power them. The application will be double licensed under GNU-GPL and CECILL, the license of content was not decided yet (CC by-sa or GNU-FDL).

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plugfr (plug)

Il s'agit des outils de publication et de communication du PLUG (Provence Linux User Group), basé à Marseille. Il y aura un site géré avec SPIP, peut-être un petit Wiki pour de l'écriture collaborative, quelques dépôts de contenus devant être versionnés, une paire de mailing-lists publiques, …

Il n'y a pas de production de logiciel.

La question de la license ne s'est pas encore posée, mais ça sera soit de la GPL soit du CC, mais le choix de la GPL est le plus probable.

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portailorg (omicron)

Portail qui a pour but de référencer les liens en rapport au libre, logiciels libre, culture du libre etc. Le site est sous forme de wiki et toute personne inscrite peut contribuer et modifier le site.

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proxallium (thedcoder)

ProxAllium's goal is to make using Tor (Not to be confused with Tor Browser) easier for normal everyday users to circumvent censorship and be anonymous while using internet-based services (up to some extent). It's basically a wrapper for Tor, except that it tries to be more than that 😉.

The code is licenced under MIT.

Thanks for reading!

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punkpong (jalbam)

PunkPong is an open source "Pong" alike game totally written in DHTML (JavaScript, CSS and HTML) that uses keyboard or mouse. This cross-platform and cross-browser game was tested under BeOS, Linux, NetBSD, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Windows and others.

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pygrabber (jol)

Pygrabber is a binary newsgroup reader. It aims to be easy to use and work well. It is written in python and use the twisted and wxPython API. It is released under the GPL License.

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qet (scorpio810)

QElectroTech is a free software (licensed under GNU/GPL) to make electric diagrams. Written in C++ using the Qt5 library, it is freely available for the following platforms: GNU/Linux, Windows and Mac OS.

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