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vtcms (hyperclock)

I started a project named the VoyaTrax CMS Project in 2014. The output of that is vtCMS, a modded version of XOOPS (we were planning a version, see the website as to why NOT) with some improvement that never found it's way there. I've added a Terms, Privacy Ploicy, Imprint, Disclaimer and an About Us page. All hardcoded into the system along with backend administration, including an editor.

Other enhancement include UTF-8 as well as modules that are needed in every CMS, such as a contact module, security module, a language module for multilingual content. Another enhancement is an Cookie announcement - compliant with the European Cookie Law.

Many more enhancements are in planning as well as getting some general purpose modules upto date. Themeing is also a place where lot's of enhancemet need to take place.

Of course I'm sticking to the GPL, the original core is GPLv2 but I'm uping that to GPLv3.

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Wikipedit, modifier Wikipedia pour les mobiles

wikipedit (lovasoa)

Wikipedit est un petit projet en javascript (et un petit peu de PHP) pour offrir une interface très épurée pour la modifications d'articles Wikipedia, ce qui rend la modification de pages wikipedia depuis un mobile bien plus aisée. Wikipedit est entièrement (scripts javascript et PHP) sous licence BSD.

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Wincoins Faucet Rotator

wincoins (bpsysgamer)

WinCoins Script is a rotator faucets easy to install and use, with unique features, among which are:

- Does not require database - Language System - reporting system - compatibility with coins: Bitcoin - DogeCoin - Litecoin (You can enable and disable these coins - from the administration panel) - not using javascript, providing quick navigation. - compatible with Open Graph (Facebook Share) - administration panel, intuitive and easy to use


This application is distributed under license GPLv3

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wolmedev (tkayna)

Gestionnaire de démarrage de machines par le réseau sous licence GPL. Utilisation du Wake-up on LAN. Ecrit en PHP avec le support du XML.

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WP-Addpub, un gestionnaire de bannières (Plugin pour wordpress)

wpaddpub (cyberscorp)

Gestionnaire de bannières qui permet d'uploader des bannières publicitaires avec Wordpress sous format png, jpg, gif et swf.

Sous licence LGPL

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wsp (sliim)

WSP (Web-Server-Panel) est une application Web développée en PHP5 avec Zend Framework permettant de mettre en place et de configurer un serveur Web sur une plateforme LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP).

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Xenon Project

xenonproject (xenon)

An open source web system designed for netbooks, with ease of use, speed and stability in mind. Programmed in PHP, MySQL, CSS, XHTML, and JavaScript. Licensed under the AGPL.

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xnlegacies (gplanchat)

XNova:Legacies est le fork de XNova, un jeu de combat spatial écrit en PHP. Le projet vise à reforger l'essentiel du code source pour le rendre plus propre, plus performant et lui donner une seconde jeunesse en le rendant souple et évolutif.

Le code source du projet est distribué sous licence GNU/GPL v3.

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