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wesnoth map and scenario

wesnothmap (luigit)

Repository for map and scenario for Battle for Wesnoth created by Wesnoth Italian Forum; all are release under GNU GPL licences

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Wesnoth Music

wesnothmusic (blueblaze)

This will serve as the music division for Wesnoth's collection of GPL music. We will host and display all GPL music submitted and accepted for Wesnoth. The main project website can be found at

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wesnothrepos (notoriousxl)

A Debian repository for the latest development version of the strategy game "The Battle for Wesnoth". This version can coexist with the wesnoth packages of the debian official repository, and it uses its own preferences folder.

License: GPL.

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We Think... About everything

wethink (c3lc1uz)

This project speaks about programming tricks to help the Open Source Community.

It is powered by a weblog where the content is published.

All the contents are published under GPL/BSD license.

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What is PeerTube?

whatpeertube (assolila)

"What is PeerTube?" is an animated video explaining PeerTube, released under Creative Commons by-sa, by LILA for Framasoft.

This project contains the source files of the finished video for anyone to play with, edit, study, modify, etc.

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whynot (djbago)

Un site se proposant de vous faire découvrir la magie Linux. Des tutoriaux pour apprendre et comprendre les distributions Ubuntu, Xubuntu, et autres. Apprenez à modeler votre environnement comme il vous le plaira, les logicielles libre sont là pour ça. Lancez vous dans des projets intéressants comme la mise en place d'un serveur, la création d'un site web ,l'administration à distance ou encore le recyclage des vieux ordinateurs par le biais des OS Linux. Tous les travaux sont licenciés sous CC-BY-SA 2.0.

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Widget TER

widgetter (boblerenard)

An application to track trains departure from a station. It's licensed under GPLV3 and was reverse engineerieed from the official SNCF application "Prochains Départs". It uses the same HTTP webservice.

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WiFi Radar

wifiradar (robinson)

WiFi Radar is a Python/PyGTK2 utility for managing WiFi profiles on GNU/Linux and is licensed under GPLv2.

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Wiikifox's hub

wiikifoxhub (wiikifox)

Repository for my personal FOSS projects.

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WiiRemote powered touch screen for Linux

wiiri (tuos)

Wiiri aims to produce an user-friendly program which allows users to treat arbitrary screens as if they were touch screens. Program uses Nintendo WiiRemote controller(s) to obtain the needed pointer data. The idea for the project is got from an extremely creative person, Johnny Lee ( ). The main reason for this project is self-education, but also a desire to develop a usable Linux version. Current Linux implementations of the concept were not completely satisfactory for the authors. The resulting program will be licensed under GNU GPL.

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