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Tierra de Nadie

tierranadie (vlax)

Proyectos digitales de Cultura Libre. Mis artesanías digitales creadas con software libre y distribuidas con licencias Arte Libre y/o CC BY-SA: sonido, video y netart.

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tift (guillaumeh)

TIFT is a team of programmers for Texas Instruments calculators. We program mostly in Z80 assembly, for TI-83, TI-83+ and TI-84+. Our projects are mostly under public domain/BSD-like licences.

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tigermouse (pablim)

Tigermouse is a PHP/AJAX framework for web applications development. And what I mean by "web applications" is not a blog, chatroom or poll. It does what View and Controller are responsible for in MVC software archtecture - Model is up to you.

Operating System: OS Independent (Written in an interpreted language) License: GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL)

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Tight Monkey

tightmonkey (cuicui)

Window Manager for macOS inspired by Linux' i3wm.

The code is released under MIT licence.

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timebreach (blasquez)

Time Breach is a Massively Multi-player On-line Playing Game.

In this Univers, all gamers can create theres own character and theres own world. Each World have to be managed like a strategic game. In fact two types of games are linked in one univers (MMORPG and MMORTS). This game is freely develloped by gamers for gamers. All type of profiles is interesting. Only motivation is required. You want to take part in a game making??? Join us!!!

Our project is an open source project and our license will be GNU/GPL or GNU/LGPL

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Tiny Bash CGIs

tinybashcgis (rearleharris)

Tiny Bash CGIs include the Blink public blog and the Treebeard community topical forest. All are designed to run in the cgi-bin of any Unix webserver. All are released under the GNU General Public License.

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tinysegmente (jey)

TinySegmenter is a native python port of a Japanese segmenter originally written in Javascript.

The original description is here: This project is a fork because the original author did not respond to my emails. Hence I needed another repository to commit my patches. A pypi package has already been made from my new packaging:

License: BSD

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tioum (pioupioum)

Développé sous licence libre, Tioum est un CMS sans base de données.

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Tipp10 bépo

tipp10bepo (oguerin)

Tipp10 bépo est un logiciel d'apprentissage de la disposition de clavier bépo ( Les exercices proposés sont adaptés à cette disposition optimisée de clavier et le logiciel s'adapte à vos erreurs de frappe pour vous apprendre à taper sans regarder les doigts très rapidement.

Tipp10 bépo est disponible librement pour les plateformes Windows, Linux et Mac sous la licence GPL.

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tipsarch (cornjump)

Projet de documentation sur ArchLinux, fluxbox et le libre en général. Rappel des commandes bash de bases pour 'debutants'. Humeurs sur l'actualité du libre.

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