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Geubuntu GNU/Linux

geubuntu (thedarkmaste)

What is Geubuntu? Geubuntu is a complete and fully functional operative system based on the popular Linux Distribution Ubuntu. Geubuntu, a project started and designed by the Italian artist Luca D.M. (aka TheDarkMaster) is perfect for any Desktop, Laptop PC or even for a Virtual Machine. Geubuntu mixes the power and simplicity of Ubuntu and parts of the Gnome Desktop with the wonder and astonishing eye-candy of Enlightenment DR17 Geubuntu will be a new experience for any user trying to run a stand-alone E17 Desktop in the past. To know exactly what Enlightenment is, we suggest you visit the Home Page of the project. On the user side, E17 appears as an incredibly nice looking Desktop Shell, composed of a Window Manager, a full set of libraries, a Desktop and a collection of modules and applications. In this stage, Enlightenment alone is not enough to make you desktop fully functional, and it's strange that so many people are especting Enlightenment to become a full Desktop Environment like Gnome, KDE or XFCE. That's where Geubuntu comes in. Geubuntu completes the missing parts of the E17 Desktop Shell and WM with a certain number of tools and applications from the Gnome Desktop. This is only natural, after all: it would be crazy to believe that E17 should provide a full set of applications based on ETK instead of GTK! In Geubuntu you can find a classic Ubuntu set of applications mixed with those provided and created from and for E17. You'll experience a finally usable and productive Enlightenment 0.17 Desktop! Performance and advantages Enlightenment is a light weight Desktop Shell, so your computer will run at a very high speed with incredible 2D effects, such as animations, fading, shadows and much more. E17 doesn't need a 3D card for all of its effects to run properly and Xcompmgr is provided by default in Geubuntu for you to try out every composite effect (Like real transparencies and shadows) any time you want to. If you find that Xcompmgr doesn't slow down your computer too much, you can even run it as a startup application in Enlightenment. What's incredible about E17 and Xcompmgr is that since they don't need a 3D video card to run perfectly, you will be able to have an astonishing level of eye-candy even on a relatively old computer and even on a Virtual Machine! Ubuntu alone could never provide such beaty without Compiz and a fully working 3D video card. Our Goals Geubuntu is designed to become a completely community based OS, with the goal of becoming the most user friendly E17 Desktop available in a Linux distribution. E17 alone is a little difficult to manage, understand and use for a normal user. Geubuntu tries to bring the ease of use tipical of a normal Ubuntu desktop to an advanced E17 Desktop, integrating the missing tools in E17 with Gnome parts and other lightweight programs. E17 is beautiful and very fast too, ideal for slow machines, so Geubutu will give anyone a beautiful, fast and easy to use E17 Desktop. Enlightement DR17 is going to be released soon, so, Geubuntu will become easier and easier as time passes :) My name is Luca De Marini and I'm an Italian designer, I'm not a coder. Geubuntu is a strong idea I and InTiLinux Projects believe in. We just have to make it blossom even better than how it has done in this first release, Geubuntu 7.04 - Prima Luna. Every new-comer will be welcome, as long as he can help somehow the project! Geubuntu only uses free software in its distribution and is based on a normal Ubuntu. Also, any additional package developed by the Geubuntu theme is released under a GPL license.

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gfwlist (cicku)

GFWList is a subproject deriving from "AutoProxy" Mr.WCM started as a firefox addon around 2009 and its aim is to help people bypass the Great Firewall of China with minimum browsing cost using Adblock-like patterns, which is now recognized as GFWList, to slink traffic through direct connection or proxy. Autoproxy-gfwlist was initially hosted at Google Code, then moved to Github in 2015 and got renamed to GFWList as independent project that could linger on manifestation of AutoProxy's values.

The official page of GFWList is at GitHub, whereas itself is being distributed to several public Git services for mirror purpose. Tuxfamily is one of them, we really appreciate it.

Homepage: License: LGPLv2.1

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Geeky Goblin Productions

ggp (natir)

Les Geeky Goblin Productions ont pour but la création, l’édition, la production et la publication d’œuvres multimédias, cross-medias et transmédias libres.

L'objectif de ce groupe est pour l'instant la création d'une mailling list chez tuxfamily mais à terme nous comptons déplacer l'ensemble de nos outils et services.

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GHELDA - Gestion Hérarchisée En Ligne D'Adresses

ghelda (odyx)

GHELDA (Gestion Hiérarchisée En Ligne d'Adresse) est un système de gestion en ligne de personnes appartenant à une organisation hérarchisée (par exemple : un groupe scout). Gestion des adresses, des groupes, des sous-groupes, des fonctions, des responsabilités, des formations, des distinctions, des droits sur les groupes, …

Licence : AGPL v3+ permettra l'hébergement du développement de Ghelda (SVN ou Git, présentation, support, démonstration, téléchargement) mais Ghelda n'y sera pas mis en production.

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ghost (zehoss)

Parallel Algorithm System on GPL licence.

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giftwrap (vperetokin)

GiftWrap helps you with the management side of packaging. It allows you to create and update Ubuntu packages, upload to a PPA and more.

License is GPLv3.

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gign (lebouquetin)

Ce projet est un outil de gestion de site web orienté "fichiers" (par opposition aux sites utilisant une base de données).

Il permet de gérer une "base" de fichiers à mettre à disposition sur le site gràce au renseignement de fichiers de métadonnées, permettant ainsi, entre autres : - la génération automatique des menus - la gestion d'un plan du site - les métadonnées à présenter aux moteurs de recherche, etc...

Par ailleurs ce projet est un atelier de design patterns, développé exclusivement en PHP5 objet.

La licence de diffusion est la GPL.

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gimp4you (pioupioum)

gimp4you, des tutoriaux pour Gimp

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gimpeval (zigomar)

Je réalise en ce moment un CD de démo Gimp basé sur Grafpup J'ai créé une page sur gimp-fr qui explique un peu le projet En résumé en partant de Grafpup j'ai reconstruit un LiveCD de 150 Mo environ qui contient Gimp, Gimp-dev, Gimpshop, j'ai aussi pas mal complété le Gimp de base avec ce qu'on trouve sur internet (aide, greffons, brosse, scripts ). Je compte utilisé ce LiveCD pour faire des démos à droite et à gauche. En le complétant avec des programmes sur le CD, l'utilisateur pourrait installer Gimp sur son PC après l'évaluation.

Voilà ! Le problème que j'ai maintenant c'est que je n'ai pas d'hébergement sur internet pour mettre toutes ces belles choses ! Je ne sais pas vraiment quel espace Web il me faudrait, disons 300 Mo pour démarrer et peut-être jusqu'à 1Go si le CD grossit avec le temps.

@+ Raymond

Nota : Je fus membre de Tuxfamily, j'avais le site

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gimpflatpak (assolila)

Hosting for the official flatpak repository of GIMP. This will be the license of GIMP (GPLv3 + LGPL).

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