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Open Mathematics Depository

openmathdep (rearleharris)

The primary intention of this project is to provide open access to mathematical texts in PDF format which individual mathematicians find particularly useful and which are clearly in the public domain or under open license. This provides a middle ground between large depositories like which host "everything" and subscription download services which often monopolize access to public domain texts.

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piprim (pivaldi)

* Exemples de code pour les logiciels libres Asymptote, Emacs, Linux, LaTeX. * Documents pédagogiques en mathématiques et informatique (niveau lycée).

Tout les codes sous licence GPL et les images sous licence 'Art Libre'.

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profsciences (biginoz)

Projet de site concernant des cours de maths fait par deux profs , moi et mon frère. La licence est GFDL. Le projet pourrait se compléter avec la participation de plusieurs autres professeurs maths.

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rdckgame documentación CC0

Rheolef C++ library

rheolef (saramito)

Rheolef is a programming environment that serves as a convenient laboratory for mathematical computations involving finite element methods. Rheolef is both a C++ library and a set of commands for unix shell programming, providing algorithms and data structures.

Home page :

Rheolef licence : GPL-v2 (free software)

Rheolef is distributed in the Debian GNU/Linux system

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slangtng (swolff)

A tool combining the Lua scripting language with linear algebra, stochastics, finite elements and more. License: BSD. Targetted audience: scientists, students, engineers.

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sprouts (yukito)

Résultats mathématiques sur le jeu de sprouts (programme libre + documentation)

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SVG for teachers

svgilla (ycombe)

Licence: GPLv3

Utilities to create SVG/XBL based diaporamas.

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tehessinmath (tehessin)

Le site propose des ressources tout ce qui a de plus libres en mathématiques et informatique : - des cours, exercices et autres documents au format pdf avec leurs sources LaTeX pour l' iut, les classes prépas - des tutoriels, des scripts, des tp sur Haskell, Python, Sage, XCAS, emacs, LaTeX,... Tous ces documents sont sous la license libre LDL

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User42 Kevin's Software

user42 (kryde)

Kevin's several and various bits of GPL-free software, for Perl, Emacs, C, Pari/GP, and more.

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