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lynxstep (slash)

LynxStep aims to create an operating system based on ideas borrowed from OPENSTEP and Mac OS X. It will be based on FreeBSD and GNUstep. The software will be released under the terms of BSD and GPL licenses.

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Mission Nain Possible

mnplejeu (mnp)

Mission Nain Possible, MNP pour les intimes est un jeu en 3D basé sur un concept très simple : aidez le nain à sortir du donjon avec un max de pièces. L'ambiance du jeu est médiéval-fantastique avec un ton humoristique. Mais comment l'aider à sortir ? C'est très simple: levier, grille, trappe, téléporteur, caisse en bois, tout ça vous aidera (ou pas...) à le faire sortir avec un max de pièces d'or!

Ce jeu est diffusé sous une licence LGPL, pour être le moins contraignant possible.

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Monkey Studio IDE

monkeystudio (pasnox)

Monkey Studio is a Free crossplatform Qt © 4 IDE licensed under GPL2 & GPL3.

It's primary goal was to offer a crossplatform IDE for Qt 4 prjects. It's now advance enough to extends it with plugins to allow custom projects type to be recognize ( vcproj, cmake ... ).

Same Development Environment on all Platforms It's developped using the Qt library itself. So it should run on every platform that Qt© 4 supports. This way you can work on your progress on every platforms in the same IDE. Developing cross-platform software can be so easy!

Uses Qt Project Files Monkey Studio uses Qt Project File (.pro) to manage the project. There are no extra files created. If you want to switch to other tools, the sources will not have any extra, IDE specific file cruft. Just the code you need.

And several other tools to ease coding:

project creation wizard synthax highlighting code completion gdb integration ability to manage files per platforms And so many that we can't enumerat all there !

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myeasymvc (memvc)

MyEasyMVC is a modern web framework for php 5 developers. This framework supports AJAX as a kernel feature. MyEasyMVC has a very clear intuitive architecture and it is writing with extensibility in mind. The project is released under the LGPL license.

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Navigation and positioning protocols

npprotocol (fantomid)

Project to hold libraries that decode information coming from navigation and positioning devices (For example, libubx for the u-blox binary protocol). Libraries released in LGPL.

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odt2xhtml (admyre)

Projet hébergeant le développement de la librairie GNU/LGPL nommé ODT2XHTML. Odt2xhtml est une class PHP 5 dont le but est de transformer des fichiers .odt, Open Document Format, en xhtml.

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okboard (eber42)

OKboard est un clavier virtuel pour téléphone mobile Jolla. Il permet de saisir des mots entiers en une seule frappe sans lever le doigt ce qui permet de gagner en rapidité et de réduire les erreurs.

Les alternatives existantes (Touchpal, SlideIt, Swype ...) ne sont pas open source et ne supportent qu'Android et parfois iOS. Ce projet est donc une ré-implémentation qui se compose d'une bibliothèque sous licence LGPL et de modifications au clavier Jolla existant (ces fichiers sont sous licence BSD) afin d'utiliser cette bibliothèque

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oproj (openproj)

Collection of Open Source softwares, including a set of library bindings (GTK, gstreamer, cairo, and others) for Lua.

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pymnl (robinson)

pymnl (rhymes with hymnal) is an LGPL-licensed pure Python re-implementation of libmnl and provides a minimal framework for communicating with Linux Netlink.

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sge (freundlich)

sge is a portable open source graphics engine written and usable in C++. It makes heavy use of the language features provided by C++ and of the utilities found in the boost library, while maintaining a high level of conformity and portability (we compile with the highest warning and standard assurance levels enabled). It currently features an extremely high performance sprite library for fast 2D drawings, as well as basic 3D support (no higher level features like model loading supported yet). There are also plugins for image loading, audio loading and playback, and work has begun on an extensive documentation including lots of examples and tutorials.

The project is licensed under the LGPL version 2.

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