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devparrot (mgautier)

A text editor written in python/tkinter. devparrot is multi documents, multi views and aims to be fully customizable (in same way as vim or emacs)

For now devparrot is at beta state.

Devparrot is under the gplv3 license.

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dsa (douglas)

I will use this as my website and my already made projects will be in there.

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dvorak (glehmann)

Le projet bépo vise à concevoir une disposition de clavier la plus ergonomique possible, à l'usage des francophones, en mettant en œuvre les techniques utilisées par August Dvorak et les évolutions qui ont suivi. Les programmes développés durant ce projet sont disponibles sous licence GPLv2 et les données produites sont diffusées avec la double licence CC-BY-SA/GFDL.

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dzDiga blog

dzdiga (abougouffa)

dzDiga is an Arabic language technical blog, it contains articles about free and open source softwares (like GIMP, Inkscape, FreeCAD, LibreCAD...), programming languages (Python, Scilab, Web technologies...), libraries (like GTK, Flask...)

All the content of this blog will be released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike CC-BY-SA License

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easy2ly (skaalil)

Un ensemble d'outils écrits en Python destinés à faciliter l'édition de fichiers Lilypond. Licence: GNU GPL

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entrinement (venient)

EnTRInement est un carnet d’entraînement pour triathlète. Il est disponible sous licence GPL sur plateforme UNIX (Linux, Mac OS, etc.) et est écrit en python / QT.

Il remplace vos feuilles tableur, vous pouvez simplement visualiser vos entraînements, les statistiques ou graphiques de vos saisons sportives.

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Epidermis theme manager

epidermis (flimm)

Epidermis is a theme manager for GNOME, it handles GTK, metacity, icon, splash, usplash, cursor, grub and GDM themes and combines them into one installable theme. Epidermis is open source, it's released under GPLv2. Epidermis used to be called Complete Look, I decided to rename it to Epidermis sooner rather than later.

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esoteric forensic suite

esoteric (ohdae)

Esoteric is a forensic toolkit that helps you with the report creation process. The application will parse data from various forensic applications and Maltego maps and turn that data into full PDF reports and/or dossiers. You will be able to choose from different base-templates depending on which report outline best suits your needs. Encryption is also available for encrypting both your Maltego maps and your final PDF reports.

This application will be released under the GNU GPL. The full source code and all updates and development progress will be available via Git repository. Users may use the code how they wish and if they want to be part of the official development, I am always looking for people to help out.

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Evol Online

evol (akaras)

An open source 2D MMORPG running on multiple platforms. Evol, because it is constantly evolving. Online, because it is an online game, obviously. Server side is built upon TMW's eAthena (a C game engine) fork, with some features and bugs corrections backported from mainline eAthena releases. It has been made to be as compatible as possible with the current TMW graphical game clients. However, most of the scripting part has been carefully designed and created from scratch, and it is free. So just enjoy it!

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feebleproj (oliviers)

This website hosts tutorials and hints about usage of features of Blender, the Open sourced 3D package. Il also offers free goodies for all.

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