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Tugs' Uptime Project

tup (thargos)

Free Software Clients(GPL) for the Tugs' Uptime Project.

Description of the TUP taken from the website : The purpose of TUP is to keep an history of biggest "Uptime".

Uptime is time during a machine, a computer stays without restarting. In brief, time which a machine give a functionnality, whatever, continuously.

That’s a competition where goal is the honor of Geek, there is nothing to win other than satisfaction to be the first one of "Top List".

The uptime, a downright useless activity thus necessarily indispensable :)


Client libres pour le Tugs' Uptime Project.

Description du projet prise depuis le site web : Le but du TUP est de conserver un historique des plus gros "Uptime". L'Uptime est la durée pendant laquelle une machine, un ordinateur reste sans redémarrer. En bref, le temps qu'une machine passe à rendre un service, quel qu'il soit, sans interruption.

C'est un concours ou l'enjeu est l'honneur du Geek, il n'y a rien à gagner si ce n'est la satisfaction d'être le premier de la "Top List".

Le uptime, une activité carrément inutile donc forcément indispensable :)

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User42 Kevin's Software

user42 (kryde)

Kevin's several and various bits of GPL-free software, for Perl, Emacs, C, Pari/GP, and more.

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Virtual Hosting For Free Software (VHFFS)

vhffs4 (gradator)

VHFFS is a massive virtual hosting platform for free software.

Developped by admins, it can be used for massive hosting on several shared servers or for personal hosting on a single computer.

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webminifier (frankendres)

WebMinifier is HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) minifier, available as a library and command line tool.

Minification removes comments and unneeded spaces (including tabs and newlines). HTML documents are keept well-formed if the source respects the XML (eXtended Markup Language) syntax. Embedded CSS is also minified.

It is written in C without any dependency.

This software is governed by the CeCILL-C license under French law, compatible with the LGPL (Lesser General Public License).

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Wipe tools

wipetools (ban)

A set of tools and utilities for wiping data.

The set currently contains: * libgsecuredelete, a GObject wrapper library for the secure-delete tools; * nautilus-wipe, a Nautilus extension providing wiping integration.

These programs and libraries are all free software, distributed under the terms of the GNU GPLv3+.

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xbillng (thepeskygeek)

XBill-NG is a GPLv2-licensed game where you have to stop the evil hacker, which is only known by his handle, "Bill", from taking over the world's computers!

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yabause (guillaumito)

Yabause est un émulateur Sega Saturn sous licence GPL. Les buts principaux du projet sont la compatibilité avec la machine émulée et la portabilité du logiciel. Il est pour l'instant hébérgé sur sourceforge : Nous souhaitons changer d'hébérgement pour avoir la possibilité d'utiliser le domaine et utiliser des adresses mail sur ce domaine.

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