Details for group irstat

General information

  • Groupname: irstat
  • Users: xrogaan
  • Description:

    Just a bunch of personnal projects. Mostly crap, but could be useful if you dig.

    Licence: MIT/New BSD, maybe a pinch of LGPLv3.



GIT Repositories

  • irstat/apib.git

    Another python|pointless irc bot.

    Just to learn python, and i'm doing great.

  • irstat/errorlog.git

    This is a simple php log system. It is designed to replace the default behavior of php and log all error in a common place. A notification when an error occure can be sended by email to the webmaster.

  • irstat/ubtsod.git

    Git mirror for the mercurial repository of my code name project `ubtsod'.

    That project intend to create a simple but effective php bug tracker.