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  • Groupname: hephaestus
  • Users: thomasb2k, marnold
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    This project aims to provide open source tools for those with what are called "print related handicaps" i.e generally those who are blind or have a condition that prevents them from reading standard print, (for example dyslexia). This population has been historically under-served by the floss community despite the literal bounty of libraries, speech synthesis systems, digital book readers, and other bits and pieces available to construct these types of tools. Hephaestus Workshop hopes to change that. Because this project is planned to be a sort of central place of development for a handful of smaller software tools, and documentation, and will incorporate many small bits and pieces primarily from academic research it is hard to be specific in regards to licenses. However the seed programs that will form the initial codebase are GPL v 2 or later. This will be my general practice where possible. In addition I was intending to make it a policy to only incorporate third party code, and documents which are free software under a strict reading of the Debian Free Software Guidelines. Possible exceptions would be to allow the GFDL, and CC-BY-(SA) v 2 which Debian does not




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