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Cris linux operating system

crisos (claudyus)

CrisOs is first linux base operating system developed for arch cris based on OpenWrt project.

License: GNU GPL

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debiandoc (govez)

Une documentation précise pour l'installation et la configuration de la distribution Debian.

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debianfacile (syb)

Site d'entraide pour les nouveaux utilisateurs du système d'exploitation debian Gnu/Linux. Dispose d'un forum d'aide et de news concernant le monde debian. Le contenu du site est sous licence GFDL.

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défi de quinqua

defi (annick)

Depuis un ordinateur qui n'a jamais connu autre chose que Débian (Etch) gnu/gpl et donc uniquement avec des logiciels libres, le défi d'une quinqua pas particulièrement douée en informatique mais qui aime apprendre et qui veut créer un site dynamique sous Spip gnu/gpl qui en plus de promouvoir le libre, intégrera différentes rubriques en utilisant des logiciels libres de traduction, compta/gestion, infos diverses (mondiales/locales) genre infokiosque. Le site sera en copyleft/gnu/gpl.

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delphos (nicow)

DelphOS is a GNU/Linux distribution that plans to introduce a novel approach for users to interact with their systems. DelphOS introduces radical changes in the structure of graphical interfaces related to usability by optimizing the usage of the different input mechanisms the computer has and reorganizing them in a way that still remains unexplored. Considering its objectives, DelphOS as a project presents wide horizons, for instance: its own graphical interface, a collection of its own applications, modification of control structures of external applications, etc. Our project intends to establish a new usage standard based on the benefits of usability taken to utmost possibilities. This project intends to be developed in and only include free and open software.

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diabolo (papos)

a multimedia light linux system Videopup2 codename: Diabolo After videopup ?t=27611 who was my first release to create my movies, I have released videopup2 codename Diabolo I have tested it, so I add only programs who works for me I am uploading it as a courtesy for those with similar needs of multimedia expression This is a beta release: 252 Mb md5:4050489b67c196a1d8e904ececc5adcd Diabolo412b.iso comes with complete Puppy Linux 4.1.2 I have put the translation of the programs for en, fr, it, es, de (simple to change just click on the right flag) plus Celtx 1.0: qdvdauthor-1.6.1 (Thinks to remove the last underscore then selecting directory in new project) Kino -1.3.0 : Works well (now import jpeg for diaporama) Avidemux 2.4.3: Gimp 2.6 Blender 2.48: Java-1.6u7 Wine 1.1.4 Streamtuner Mplayer: well dvd player xplns Firepup by default and some tools and optimisation

Special thanks to the hardworkers. Barry Kauler, the creator of Puppy Linux Mu Mark: for buildsystem and a lot of tools ttuuxxx: for all its conributions Jean jacque Moulinier for french translation. and all the contributors ...

Tips: it's simple to create two pup_save-blank.2fs save file (just rename a file like this pup_save-blankB.2fs) like this you can choose 0 at bootup two have a new fully fonctional version file that you can backup (set your temp files for kino on you large drive). don't install this distribution just boot from a cd a usb or from dos XP, and save your configuration on shutdown Papos/

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documents (cbenz)

Je souhaite créer un espace de diffusion pour des documents FDL, à l'usage des débutants, notemment un livre "Survol de GNU/Linux".

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doneed (addikt1ve)

Le site est consacré à l'informatique et aux logiciels libres en particulier, avec une prédilection pour GNU/Linux. Y sont régulièrement postés divers tutoriels accessibles aux non-initiés. Distros : Arch Linux et Ubuntu. Contenu sous licence CC-BY-SA.

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downitnow (turl)

DownItNow! aims to be a easy to use, simple and (almost) bug-free Grafical User Interface to GNU's wget, a free/open-source file downloader and web spider. This would allow the standard GNU/Linux user to download files with ease, using a simple GUI with all the wget power, all of this without having to mess with the command-line.

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dslfr (issundayo)

Je voudrais créer une communauté francophone pour Damn Small Linux...

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