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Le Graud importe peu

legip (graud)

A home page that gathers simple programs released under a free open source license. There will be no guarantee that the software provided conforms to the EU norms and does not offend the bien-pensants. Some texts may be added that explain how these or other programs are useful and that recommend or criticize programs or group structures that produce software. The licenses used are clearly mentioned in the subprojects' documentation; the preferred license is the GPL-2 except for some trivial scripts released in the public domain; in the future the programs may be re-released under another common free license like the LGPL, GPL-3, BSDL or CeCILL; if some programs are forked or are included in a subproject the original free license is kept.

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Like a Tux

likeatux (munozv)

Blog sur l'utilisation courante d'un environnement GNU/Linux avec des explications sur les bonnes démarches à suivre pour faire les choses comme il faut. Les sources sont sous licence GNU GPL et les articles sous CC By SA.

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Liste de diffusion de Rochelug

listelug (rochelug)

Création d'une liste de diffusion afin de permettre aux membres de Rochelug (association des utilisateurs de Linux de La Rochelle et de ses vastes environs) de communiquer entre-eux.

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Linux Community

lnxcomnty (projjalm)

Respected moderators,

I'm Projjal Moitra, and what I'm trying to build is a world-wide community of Linux users and any tech enthusiasts. My idea is to gear today's Linux commnunity, which is so broken apart by opinions, ideologies, and differences in their personal taste, in a direction which everyone favors and make it the voice of free software supporters, ethical minds, and every member that is directly/indirectly related to it. I know this is a big word, but the thing is, the only strength that linux and FOSS lovers have, is their community. So why not try to unify it? Maybe unifying it, will be a bad idea in itself because it's always better to keep everything decentralized. But what I'm trying to do is optimize the differences, make it a friendly place for everyone, and thus, making it the face of linux and free software culture. Obviously, like every community, this one will also have a set of guidelines, but everyone will be always welcome to this family of online chatrooms, regardless of their differences in all attributes. The main objective of this project is to make the linux userspace friendly and rich once again. Currently, the community is hosted on matrix, and discord (I know it is a non-free service, I'll soon move it to a free platform with the help of tuxfamily). I will conclude it by specifiy my requests and license - > A web-hosting server for the website of Linux Community, with server-side python. And all of the content on the website can be licensed under CC-BY-SA and the code under a 2BSD license. I can guarantee that all of the content and code will be free, as in free speech, and if you insist, you can make minor modifications to this idea of mine, as this project is still in alpha and supposed to be a long-term one. And again, thanks for considering my request once again. And again, I am a novice in the technical aspects of things, so feel free to ask me any queries related to it. Thanks for considering my request once again :)

Yours sincerely, Projjal M.

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Make Libertad!: Compartiendo Aprendizaje

makelibertad (carlos)

El objetivo principal de este proyecto es poder ayudar y compartir con la comunidad: documentos, manuales, textos, imágenes, códigos fuente, etc... sobre: trabajos, tareas, e investigaciones universitarias de diversos temas, utilizando licencias libres.

Se utilizará la GPL de GNU para el código fuente de programas. Y la GNU FDL para documentos y manuales.





El espacio web tendrá licencia Creative Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0):

CC BY-SA 3.0: <> <>

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moorko blog

murko (madant) blog that would be about free software and gnu/linux . with MIT license

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pitvwebsite (grbavacigla)

Smart TV for Raspberry Pi built on AlpineLinux. It (will) supports movies and tv series, songs, weather forecast, streaming, online accounts! Features user authentication and session control. It is secure, you can change your password and revoke sessions. Written in Django (only bootstrap javascript). More features to come. Licensed under GPLv3.

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Saigkills Backtrace

Scripts Snippets

scrippets (jjl)

Un espace pour regrouper et diffuser tous mes petits scripts et applications sous licence libre qui ne méritent pas un projet à part entière.

Par exemple : - pyGetMeteo : un script permettant de regrouper sur une page toutes les informations météo d'une région - easyAdmin : un script shell offrant une interface simple pour surveiller/manager un serveur sans interface graphique - rasterCatalog : un plugin pour QGis permettant de cataloguer et de retrouver facilement des cartes géolocalisées

Tous ces scripts sont sous licence GPLv2

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SliTaz GNU/Linux

slitaz (pankso)

SliTaz GNU/Linux, est un système d'exploitation libre fonctionnant en mémoire vive (mode Live), et pleinement instalable sur disque dur. SliTaz fournit : un navigateur web, des outils système, des éditeurs de texte, un client/serveur SSH, le système X window avec le bureau Openbox, support du son, et de nombreux outils système.

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